Match Description

Tac 22 now allows pistols

Welcome to the Tuesday .22 Tactical Rifle match! It is held on the 2nd and the 4th Tuesday of every month on the Small Bore Range at Rio Salado Sportsman Club.  Currently, there are only two divisions:  iron sights and scope.  Only bolt action and semi-automatics are allowed.   Bring at least two magazines (capable for total of 50 rounds), but 3 magazines are recommended.  Eye and ear protection is mandatory.  You will shoot four challenging stages of steel and reactive targets.  A stage may require 2-3 runs, keeping all runs or keeping the best 1 or 2.   One stage will require movement with targets at medium distance.  One stage will be stationary with targets at medium distance.  One Stage will be stationary  with targets at short distance.  One will be long range stage (up to 100yds) and require multiple positions.  Read each stage carefully and not rely solely on what others tell you.  Required round count total will be between 120-140 rounds.  Cost for Rio Salado Sportsman Club members is $7.00 and for non-members is $10.00.   Sign up time starts at 5:00pm and ends at 7:00pm.  This match is run with Tuesday Night Steel and Rifle/Shotgun rules in mind.


Gun Condition While Waiting to Shoot

*  Guns must be empty, actions open, safety on

*  Keep gun pointed up or downrange


*  “Shooter Make Ready”:  take sight picture with empty gun, then load magazine and prepare first shot

*  Let the RO know how to plan to take the long range stage

*  “Are You Ready”: turn safety off

*  "Standby" :  start 1- 4 sec after giving this command

*  At the beep, engage targets per stage description

* “If You Are Finished, unload and Show Clear”:  Show the RO the gun is empty

* “Gun Clear, Safety On, Muzzle Up”:  Lock bolt open and put safety on.  Keep muzzle pointed up as you move to/from the stage

Stage Descriptions

*  Read the stage description yourself, and ask match director if further clarification required

*  Shooting positions (prone, sitting, kneeling, ...) are shooters choice, unless called out in the    

          Stage Description

*  From a shooting box, it is required that you have any part of your body in the box, unless 

       called out in the Stage Description

Help While Waiting to Shoot

*  Sweep Brass

*  Help to record times and call shooter sequence: up, on deck, in the hole

Sighting in Target

* After checking with Match Director Richard Kohn or Glen Wong, you may sight in your gun 

       at the designated  sight in table

Most Important

* Have FUN while being SAFE!


* Bring at least 200 rounds

* A bipod is not mandatory but may be useful on certain stages

* Bring 3 or more magazines

Tuesday 22 Tacticle Rifle Trailer