Who R U?

An Interview with Moe
    This is Sultan Duhaish, and I'd like to introduce a new student from my country, Mohammed Almalki.

Sultan : What do you like people to call you (nick name)?
Moe : Abu Salah, but I prefer Moe.
Sultan : How old are you?

Moe : 21 years old.

 Sultan : What are you going to do when you finish this English program?

Moe : I’ll start to study my major (Computer Information System).

 Sultan : Where?

Moe : Here in Towson University.

Sultan : How long have you been here in the United State of America?

.Moe : Almost a year.
Sultan : What do you like to do in your free time?

Moe : Write poems and play soccer. (WOOW)

 Sultan : List me some of your goals that you want to do in your future?

Moe : Finish my studies, find a good wife and have a good job.

Sultan : What is your favorite food?

Moe : Italian food

Sultan : Do you have a relationship?

Moe : Yes, but its complicated.

Sultan : Where do you life?

Moe : In Virginia.

Sultan : So you don’t life here in Baltimore?

Moe : No

Sultan : So you are driving every day back and forward?

Moe : Yes.

Sultan : Why?

Moe : Because I have to stay with my sick grandmother and take care of her.

Sultan : What is wrong with her?

Moe : She had cancer and she has to do open heart surgery.

Sultan : I’m so sorry to hear that may Allah bless you and thank you for giving us the chance to interview you.


My Interview with ZZ.       

Hi.  This is Shuang.  Mr. McTague told me to interview a student from China, so I picked Zhao Zhao.  Mr McTague suggested ZZ as her nickname.  Do you like it?

Me: What is your name?
ZZ: My name is Zhao Zhao. 
As you know, my first name is the same as a famous man in China, so many people thought I was a guy when they just knew my name without my face.  My father and mother have same family name,Zhao,so they put them together,then I got my name,Zhao Zhao.I like my name very much,because I love my parents.My parents usually call me Ni.

Me: where are you from and how your hometown compares with Towson?
ZZ: I came from China.My hometown is Zheng Zhou,it is the capital of He Nan province,so I think it is bigger and thriftilier than Towson,but Towson is more beautiful.

Me: What do you think of Mr. McTague's nickname for you?
ZZ: Lao Ma?
Me: When did you come here?
ZZ: I came here two months ago.
Me: Do you have any raletive here?
ZZ: Yes.My aunt is in the U.S.

Me: Are you a graduate or undergraduate? what is your major?
ZZ: I am studing in the ELC now. after it, i will be a graduate, and my major is Accounting.
Me: What about your plan in the future?
ZZ: I want to stay here for two years, then , go back to China. 
Me: What you will do when you goes back?
ZZ: I hope could  be a teacher,teach law in one college,even I don't care what kind of college it is,but I think I will help my family to do some business.

Me: Do you like TU?  
ZZ: So so.
Me: Comparing your university and Towson,  how are they similar and how different?
ZZ:  I think the two are almost same,for me the super difference is that I sure use English. 
Me: Who do you hang out with on campus?  How do you stay in touch with your friends and family back in China.
ZZ: I always play with Shuang at caumpts. When I go back home,I will stay with my MaMa from sunset to sunup.
Me: My pleasure. ww
An Interview with Roberto. !!Picture'll be attached soon...!!
My name is Byeung-il Lee. I interviewed with Roberto who is missing his country..
Bill: Where are you from?
Roberto: From South Korea.
Bill : What's your real name and what do you like people to call you?
Roberto : My name is Ki-woong Jung and my English name is Roberto.
Bill : How old are you?

Roberto : 23 years old.

Bill : What will you do when you finish this English program?

Roberto : I'm here to improve my English skills. After that, I'm going  back home and finish my studies.

Bill : How long have you been here in the United States of America?

Roberto : Not too long. Just 3 months.
Bill : What do you usually do in your free-time?

Roberto : Work out and surf the web.

Bill : Tell me about your family.

Roberto : My parents and my older brother live in South Korea. My cousin lives in the U.S., but I don't live with him.

Bill : What is your favorite food?

Roberto : Korean food

Bill : Do you have a car?

Roberto : No, I don't because I'm living at Cardiff Apartments next to campus, so I walk to school.

Bill : If your friends were going to come here, what advice would you give them?

Roberto : I'd tell them not to come because it is so boring here.


An Interview with Emily~~!!

I'm Hyun Chul Ro. I interview with Emily!!

Hyun chul: Where are you from? 

Emily: I’m from Korea.

Hyun chul: What do you like people to call you (nick name)?

Emily:  Everybody calls me “ Emily”

Hyun chul:How old are you?

Emily:I’m nineteen.

Hyun chul:What are you going to do when you finish this English program?

Emily:I’m going to study here.

Hyun chul:Where?

Emily:In Towson university.

Hyun chul:How long have you been here in the United States?

Emily:About two months.

Hyun chul:What do you like to do in your free time?

Emily:Just talk with my friends and surf the internet.

Hyun chul:Do you have relatives?

Emily:I have maternal grandparents, two uncles, an aunt, and a cousin.

Hyun chul:What is your favorite food?

Emily:I like a Bone soup (Korean food)

Hyu chul:Where do you live?

Emily: I live In Parkville.

Hyun chul:List me some of your goals that you want to do in your future?

Emily: I want to get a good job and enjoy my life.