Party Review

On Saturday, April 4th, Anne, one of the ELC teachers, had a party at her house.  A lot of ELC students went, and everyone had a good time.  Mary Jo, Shelley, Lynda, and Mac were there.  The most popular food seemed to be the Korean ch'apjae that Mac brought.  But he didn't make it.  He said that he followed a recipe that his wife gave him, so he said that it was his fault if it didn't taste good.  Bill said that it tasted good ("Awesome."), but when Mac said that he and his wife thought it needed more soy sauce, Bill said "Yeah."  He's such a polite guy.  We hope you like the photos, especially the funny captions.  Anyway, we hope they're funny.  Also check out the videos from the party. 

We have to thank Anne, the other teachers, and all the students who worked hard for this party.  It was really fun.