Drinking in KOREA
 Why do korean people love Drinking?

►  Drinking is the one of important social activities in KOREA. It is not too much say, every thing begins with Drinking.

          For a long time, Korean people like to drink, singing and dancing.

          There is no reason. It is our Culture.


For what?


     For example, just hang around with friends, make a good teamwork with co-workers, after broke up with G/B friend, etc.

        Especially, whren Korean guy preapare to enter army service, friends of the guy feed too much alcohol beverage him.

        In my case, I couldn't remember what I did that !@#&!@$* night.


What to eat?


We drink So-ju, Beer, Whiskey, Mak- gulee(rice wine), wine etc.

        The most famous one is So-ju which is white liqour It tastes like Jin or Vodka, but weaker tahn them ,more soft more comfortable ( to me ^____^*)

        Korean believes some combinations food and drinking.

So-ju with Sam-kyup-sal(pork), Gal-bi(beef), Sasimi.
Beer with Chikens, Tempuras, Dried squid, peanut.
Mak-gulee with Pa-jun(traditional fried pie), Kim-chi.
                              If  you drink beer with Sam-kyup-sal, it taste will be **&*&%.


 Where to go?

►We usally go to Pub or Bar to drink. Also, all resrtraunts in korea have all kind of alcohol.

    If you go to korea, you don't have to worry about your drinking ammusemunt. 

    You can find that evrywhere.

    Even though go to vacation to beach, mountain or go fishing, hiking, camping, we ALWAYS  carry So-ju and Beer.



who pays?


► If 3~4 people go to drink, usally one person will pay evrything for rest of them.

     Also, old aged person pay for younger person.

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