"Not Your Mom" (NYM) Bike Tours

"Not Y
our Mom" (NYM) bike tours started with the J&P Tucson Tour in January 2006.  I wanted to make it clear to new folks that it was not a guided tour, that it was essentially leaderless, and that they were supposed to make their own choices and decisions.  Since it was a self-supported, unorganized ride with no ride leader, whenever a rider asked me what they should do, I answered 'I'm not your Mom'. Of course, this meant that smartass Bill Meacham immediately called me 'Mom', which instantly caught on with the rest of the group, and has stuck with me ever since.  Julie Brozio even made me a T-shirt with a hand-made  "Not Your Mom" logo. 

Since 2006, we've had several NYM tours, and in 2009 we started 3-day cycling tours/campouts during the winter months.  In Feb 2010 Jill Feldman created a new "Not Your Mom" logo and had it printed on t-shirts for the J&P ride.  It creates quite a bit of comment!

Ride announcements

If you want to get email announcements of NYM rides and other cycling info, subscribe to the NYMTours Yahoo group by sending a blank email to: nymtours-subscribe@yahoogroups.com  To read the latest on the web, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nymtours

ABC Bike Club
PMBC has sponsored the J&P Tucson Tour since 2006, but declined to sponsor our other cycling tours, so we approached ABC in 2009.  Not Your Mom Tours has been a chapter of the Arizona Bike Club (ABC) since Dec 2009.  Only ABC members (and visitors riding for their first time with ABC) are covered by club insurance.  You are encouraged to join ABC.  It costs $25 for a single membership, although they have family, senior (55+) and multi-year discount rates.  For more information on ABC, visit their website at http://www.azbikeclub.com/  To join, go to their website, look at the menu on the left and click on either "Benefits of Membership" or "Member Signup".