Play in A Day

For the past several years, Old Pueblo Playwrights has produced a Play-in-a-Day event. Each time it has been enthusiastically supported by both artists and audiences. While we continue to ‘tinker’ with specific elements of the event, Play-in-a-Day (PAID) – generally unfolds as follows:

  • On opening night, usually Friday, the audience is treated to a series of short plays written by OPP members. These plays are stage-read and played out with some props and set pieces. Local actors rehearse the plays previous to their productions.

  • After these ‘warm-up’ acts, OPP members introduce a number of props. By audience applause, three are selected. These three must be in every play to be written overnight.

  • Following this, the audience is asked to select a line that must be written into every play as well – again by applause. (These lines were submitted by individual audience members at intermission.)

  • Playwrights are then introduced and paired by a random drawing of names from the proverbial hat.

  • Finally, the audience leaves and the paired playwrights are excused to write their play. They have until early the next morning.

  • Once scripts are in hand, directors are assigned a script. An hour later, actors arrive and ‘auditions’ occur.

  • During the day the plays are rehearsed. Saturday evening the audience returns to see what has been wrought.

  • A cash prize is given to the play the audience, by applause, ‘judges the best-of-show. A second prize has been provided in memoriam. The drama winning this award has been determined by a panel made up of leaders in the Tucson arts community

For more information about this dynamic event, call Gavin at 520-297-3317 or watch for announcements in local periodicals and on line.