20th New Play Festival
Cabaret Theater
Temple of Music and Art, Tucson

March 10-13, 2011

Two Saturdays in June
Written by Sydney Flynn
Directed by Vince Flynn

Gloria   Dea Young Smith
Denise   Denise Blum
Clara   Hilary Pursehouse
Shirley   Roxanne Harley
Young Denise   Jenelle Velazquez
Lon   John Flatland
Sonny   Andrew Wolverton

Hands and Voices
Written by Richard Chaney
Directed by Avilynn Pwyll

Girl    Kristina Sloan
Robert   Chris Koval
Mother   Jan-Ruth Mills
Great Aunt Lucy   Sydney Flynn
Bart Darby   Jim Amtrosek

Just Visiting
Written by Brian Armstrong
Directed by Philip G. Bennet

Daniel    Jim Ambrosek
Haley    Lily Delamere
Drew    Mike Gifford
Daphne    Linda Gilvear
Lucien    Chris Koval
Eugene    Steve McKee
Rob    Steven Miller
Carolyn    Sara Smith

Principles Before...
Written by Dyln Fairfax Parra
Directed by Esther Blue

Patient/Waiter    Victor Almazan
Lois    Sophia Blue
Bill   Michael Gifford
Emily    Roxanne Harley
Sarah    Mary Specio
Wilson    David Swisher

Written by Avilynn Pwyll
Directed by Je Moore

Lynne    Kristina Sloan
Dorine    Denise Blum
Shawna    Isabella Blue
Virginia    Marti van der Voort
Nancy    Amanda Marchioni
Doug    Trinidad Anaya
Kathy    Leah Blue
Bernice    Vanessa Green
Fred    Bob Blum

It's a Long Way
Written by Reid Gilbert
Directed by Rick Wamer

He    Vince Flynn
She    Sydney Flynn
Spector    Alex Greengaard
Specter    Leah Ellis

The Copy Who Cried Wolf
Written and directed by Jon Fedkiw

Melvin Tanner    John Caccitolo
Liza Jennings    Holly Marie Carlson
Detective Krause    Richard Chaney
Tyler/Wolf    Jerry Elias
Officer Chayzik    John Flatland
Roger van de Vere    Gary McGaha
Lieutenant Dan    Je Moore