OPP New Play Festival flyer

Old Pueblo Playwrights is proud to announce

The 16th Annual New Play Festival

Temple of Music & Art, Cabaret Theater, 330 S. Scott Avenue

March 15 – 18, 2007

7:30 pm Thursday, March 15

Battle Prayer

written & directed by Jack Frakes

a comic monologue of a football coach giving his team a pep-talk before The Big Game.



written by Manuel Peters, directed by Ry Herman

a one-act drama about a man who brings an unusual girlfriend home for Christmas to meet his academic mother.


7:30 pm Friday, March 16


written by Leslie Powell & Ron Pullins, directed by Sara Falconer

a short comedy about two sisters who give ‘housework’ a new meaning with the help of a nailgun and a carpenter named Joe.


Art Gallery

written by Jeanna Saxby, directed by Ry Herman

in a one-act comedy Meg’s art gallery has no customers, her boss won't help, and her assistant just wants her to “lighten up” - what's a girl to do?


7:30 pm Saturday, March 17

Hokey Pokey

written by Gavin Kayner, directed by Janet Henderson

a full-length surreal comedy/drama involving a clown, a magician, a writer, and a con-artist locked in a white room with a TV they can’t turn on.


2:30 pm Sunday, March 18

Barsha Badal

written by Asher Wyndham, directed by Meg Tully

a dramatic monologue of a motel owner from India coming to terms with her new life in Nebraska.


An Opening at Gate House

written by Kelly J Hardesty, directed by Adrienne Perry

a one-act drama about a single mom with no time for romance -- but a new chance for her son

brings confusing choices for her.


Tickets: $5 per performance or $15 for a Festival Pass for all performances.

Reservations: call Richard at (520) 623 - 8234 or emailorlando132000@yahoo.com