Each year OPP presents a New Play Festival. Plays performed in the Festival are written by members. These plays have been read and critiqued at least twice during our regular Monday night meetings and then voted into the event by a majority of members who have participated in the critiques.

Plays are staged-read (script-in-hand) and incorporate minimal blocking, props, set pieces and lighting effects.

Playwrights arrange for directors and together they select actors during auditions. After no more than five rehearsals (fifteen hours) and one tech rehearsal, the plays are presented once to the Tucson community at large.

The primary purpose of the Festival is to acquire feedback regarding the relative merits of our plays from a wider audience. This is the reason for the talk-back sessions after each drama has been performed.

These sessions are conducted just as we do our in-house critiques. The playwright selects a facilitator who then leads the audience in a discussion of the work they experienced.

In this way, audiences have the opportunity to be involved in the development of exciting new dramas for the stage, and playwrights are the beneficiaries of their insightful comments.