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Reminder: If you plan to renew your OPP membership, (and it is hoped you will!) remember that annual dues of $36 are payable now to our new treasurer, Phil Levere. You can conveniently bring them to the next OPP meeting!


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Monday, April 3: First reading of a full-length play by Drew Berns, one of our newest members.

Monday, March 6
A discussion on techniques of play criticism.

February 27:
First reading of a short radio play, Murchison and Ivy, by Dave Sewell.
February 20: A discussion, Vision 2017, chaired by OPP President Dave Sewell and open to all members and potential members. A further note from Dave on the discussion has been forwarded to everyone.Please come and bring ideas and suggestions.
February 13: No Meeting
February 6
 First reading of Return Of the Amazing Buckaroos by John Vornholt.

January 30: First reading of The Stuff In The Garage by John Heyl plus discussion of New Play Festival.
January 23:
Mokosza And The Mountain, a new full-length play by Klara Wojtkowska; second reading.
January 16:
Tech week for NPF.
January 9:
Rehearsal space if needed; no meeting.
January 2: Organizational/scheduling meeting for writers and directors of the NPF.
Time to renew memberships and pay dues ($36.)

December 5:
Auditions for New Play Festival
December 12: Mokosza And The Mountain, a new full-length play by Klara Wojtkowska.  
December 19: no meeting.
December 26: no meeting.

November 7:
A short radio play by John Vornholt and The Boy Who Cried Wolf, by Sheldon Metz.
November 14: Second reading of short plays by Leslie Powell and Ron Pullins.

We will also have board elections this evening. Consider volunteering for office or think of someone you'd like to nominate.
November 21:
Third reading of Phil Levere's full-length play, One Gray Spot.
This is the deadline for reading plays for New Play Festival.
November 28: 
Reid Gilbert led a workshop on "Acting Interruptions."

October 10: A second reading of Gavin Kayner's play, The Gravedigger's Lament.
October 17: A full-length play, Sir Gawain, by Ron Pullins.
October 24: "So You've Written A Play. Now What?", a panel discussion presented by OPP members. 

The New Play Festival will be the week of January 16 in the Cabaret Theater.