New Play Festival 2017

Week of January 16

Cabaret Theatre


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December 5: Auditions for New Play Festival
December 12: Brian Desautel's full-length play, A Bottle of 2010 Firestorm Reserva.
December 19 is open.

November 7:
A short radio play by John Vornholt and The Boy Who Cried Wolf, by Sheldon Metz.
November 14: Second reading of short plays by Leslie Powell and Ron Pullins.
November 21: Third reading of Phil Levere's full-length play, One Gray Spot.
This is the deadline for reading plays for New Play Festival.
November 28: Mokosza And The Mountain, a new full-length play by Klara Wojtkowska.  

October 10: A second reading of Gavin Kayner's play, The Gravedigger's Lament.
October 17: A full-length play, Sir Gawain, by Ron Pullins.
October 24: "So You've Written A Play. Now What?", a panel discussion presented by OPP members. 

The New Play Festival will be the week of January 16 in the Cabaret Theater.