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So Who's Minding The Church?
by Frank Valdes, UUCT President

At our last Annual Meeting we sought to make the answer more transparent by explicitly adopting a yearly governance plan (click here).  (Note that you have to sign in for all links.) That plan basically asks the Board of Trustees to do this.  At its first meeting of the new operating year on July 19th the Board decided who would be overseeing the different "portfolios" as well as discussing what this entails.  The portfolio holders and their areas of oversight are identified in the sidebar as well as in the minutes of the Board meeting (click here).  We will be publishing portfolio reports monthly.  Note that this governance plan is new for us so we will likely be adjusting things as we go along and addressing some gray areas of overlap.  Come to the Call to the Congregation on August 6th to talk more about this (and anything else), as I'm sure there will be questions. 

To be clear, the actual work of running the church is still in the hands of the Board, the Minister, the Staff, and the various committees.  What the portfolios do is charge specific people to keep a careful eye on what is happening in each area of the church and make sure the Board and those doing the work communicate so that we can catch problems early before they become a crisis.  It also distributes the responsibilities and gives you someone to talk to about ideas, concerns, and questions.

The July Board minutes also include our understanding of the people involved in leading committees and activities. This list is certainly not complete, so please send additions to president@uuctucson.org. Some groups are still working to find leaders. It is the goal of the Board to affirm the leadership and committees so that we all know whom to contact.  We should not forget that committees also include many of you who have stepped forward to participate in the work of UUCT.

The Board of Trustees engaged in a Vision Circle facilitated by the Settled Minister Search Committee on July 23rd. This was a positive and productive experience for us and the Search team.  Please participate in one of the Vision Circles being offered. 

Portfolios:  From the Governance Plan

 “The activities of the church shall fall under grouped administrative portfolios, each of which shall be overseen by a board member assigned to that portfolio. The portfolios are as follows-“

Worship—Mike Greenbaum
Oversight includes Minister, Music Staff and Choir, Worship Associates, Ushers and Greeters, Audio Visual (A/V) Team, Alternate Worship and CUUPS.

Operations—Jody Bergedick (VP Operations)
Oversight includes Administrator, Custodian, Child Care, Office Volunteers, Building Committee, Landscaping Committee, Tech Committee, and Personnel Committee.

Lifespan Faith Development (LFD)—Brad Weeks
LFD Staff, RE/LFD Council, Small Group Ministries, Our Whole Lives (OWL), Adult Education, Child and Youth Religious Education.

Finances—Margot Garcia (VP Finance)
Oversight includes Finance Committee, Treasurer, Bookkeeper, and Financial Secretary.

Ways and Means—Susan Rock
Oversight includes Pledge Canvas, Capital Campaigns, Fund Raising including the Auction, Rummage Sales, Cabaret, etc., and Legacy.

Membership—Ray Van Hoosear
Oversight includes Membership Committee, Directory, Website, Newsletter, Social Media, Publicity, and Newcomer Programs.

Denomination and Social Action—Sonia Cota-Robles
Oversight includes Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), Pacific Western Region/Pacific Southwest District (PWR/PSWD), Baja 4, UUJAZ (Unitarian Universalist Justice Arizona), and Social Justice Council.

Community Life—Bill Keyes
Oversight includes Personal Involvement Team (PIT), Kitchen Ministry (YUMMY), Potlucks, Campouts and Picnics, All-church retreats, Parties and Celebrations, Activities.

Haiti, Photo Credit Tina Lesley-Fox (UU Stock Photo Flickr)
Help Hannah's Family
Our special collection to help Hannah Parkhurst's family with her medical expenses on July 29th was most gratefully received.  If you missed this opportunity to support one of our UUCT families, you may now do so by clicking here.
Newsletter Contents

Page 1 - Notes from Reverend Lyn and UUCT President Frank Valdes; Search Committee's Vision Circles; Service and the Celebration of Life (Hospitality Training and Tucson Interfaith AIDS HIV Network; Religious Education Updates.

Page 2 - Finance Report; Announcements; CUUPS Updates; Book Discussion Group Report; Coming Events.

Page 3 - New Welcome Center, New Members; Share the Plate: International Rescue Committee; Balkan Summer Film for August.  

Page 4 - Border Wall Action; Act to Save Oak Flat; Health Care, A Matter of Conscience; News from No More Deaths.

Notes from the Minister
by Reverend Lyn Oglesby

How sweet it will be!  To be back in the office Tuesday, Aug.15 and back in the pulpit Aug. 20 –- rested, refreshed, and excited to catch up and move forward into the new church year.  For the first time I can remember, I spent time reading, thinking, writing, cleaning house, and just loafing.  And it has been good. I am grateful for this time to rest and regenerate my spirit, and looking forward to the coming year.

Wednesday morning coffee across the street at the BigHeart Coffee shop will resume on Wednesday, Aug. 16, 10 AM – 1 PM.  Y’all come on over!

I have followed events from a distance, and want to send a special shout out to all of you and to Frank Valdes for your swift and generous response to the tragedy that befell Hannah Parkhurst.  I have visited Hannah and her family in the hospital and I am cautiously optimistic after she suffered injuries to her head and broken bones several places in her young body.  Let us all pray for a speedy and successful recovery for our longtime friend and faithful caregiver to our youngest.

We have exciting times and opportunities ahead, and I’m grateful to the Search Committee for scheduling meetings and preparing for this next year, formally searching for a new minister to serve this fabulous congregation.

Looking forward to seeing y’all soon,

Service and a Celebration of Life

by Craig Rock

 As UUs in Tucson, most of us appreciate living in a just society surrounded mostly by good people and a somewhat clean environment. We know that decent living conditions don't occur by some miracle or prayer. People work on community projects or work for new laws that improve living conditions. Tucson is certainly not perfect. To some degree or another, we still share many of the challenges of other cities and towns where corruption is more rampant and the environment is riddled with unsafe conditions, ranging from poor water and air quality to starving people with little or no health care. We see or experience the pain, suffering or death brought about by gangs, robbers, poor drivers, and people under the influence. And in far too many communities we have governments ruled by crooked politicians or laws enforced by untrained or uncaring police forces. 

Yet life goes and we celebrate life in Tucson. In most neighborhoods, we earn a living, eat decent food, watch our favorite television programs or movies, go on vacations, and visit our family doctors and dentists whenever necessary.  And the cycle repeats itself daily, monthly, and yearly until one day our bodies fail, and we pass on to wherever, hopefully before our sons and daughters fall to harm's way. Most of the time we keep quiet and celebrate life as misfortune falls upon others, some close by but most further way. Other times, we awake in time to help our neighbors in time of need.

Here are two projects that UUs at our church working on.  One project involves helping local churches with the day-to-day jobs required in housing people in sanctuary; the other project supports the Tucson Interfaith AIDS HIV lunch and celebration that is held monthly. UUCT and two other churches are involved in the September event. Volunteers and/or donations are needed for both. Here is some background information.

Church Volunteers Train to Help Their Immigrant Neighbors 

To many Americans, sanctuary means the safety that we have in our homes, our neighborhoods, our schools, and at our jobs.  At our church, sanctuary is experienced as a place of friendship and community expressed through shared values (seven principles) in songs, words, and deeds. 

We know from Trump’s announcements that deportations will be increasing soon.  Our neighbors, friends, or relatives may be threatened. young and old alike.  Many have lived in the U.S. for as long as they can remember. Three million people took advantage of the amnesty offered during the Reagan years if they could prove that they were living in the United States before 1982.  Just a week ago, the working group Keep Tucson Together (KTT), a part of our No More Deaths ministry, announced that of the 99 people sworn in as naturalized American citizens in Tucson on July 26, 16 were KTT clients, almost 20 percent.  KTT always needs volunteers even if you don't speak Spanish. Contact Attorney Margo Cowan if you want to help the group in any way, email: mmcowan@cox.net

UUs are activating in communities across the land, people of faith and conscience resisting the criminalization of our neighbors. Some churches like the UU churches in Reno and Denver housed neighbors who needed sanctuary on a short-term or longer-term basis.

In Tucson, we need volunteers to help at other churches who are providing temporary sanctuary for people at risk.  A short training program will be starting soon and I need to know how many people we can count on from UUCT.  Please consider this call to action. Duties are varied and will be discussed at the training session. Let me know if you are free for a weekday or weeknight training or on Satuday during the day.  Email me at UUCT's newsletter; the address is newsletter@uuctucson.org.

 Tucson Interfaith AIDS HIV Network 

UUCTers Angela Wasson and Ray Van Hoosear recently attended a planning meeting for a POZ Café lunch event that will benefit victims of HIV AIDS. The lunch will be on Thursday, September 21, at St. Francis in the Foothills United Methodist Church. Volunteers will be needed during the hours from 8:45 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Two other churches will participate with UUCT: Southside Presbyterian Church and Saguaro Christian Church. This has been an ongoing project of UUCT over the years.

UUCT has been asked to contribute a specified number of gift bags, bleach bottles, razors, and toilet paper rolls, in addition to prizes for the bingo games that will follow lunch. Several volunteers have already signed up to assist with cooking and serving lunch. In addition to the items mentioned above, we are soliciting cash donations to purchase prizes for the bingo games.

Thank you for adding your contributions to the donation box in Goddard Hall and helping us make this event a success. For more information please contact Angela Wasson awasson1221@gmail.com (520)909-5740.