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From the UUA.ORG Website

UUA Condemns Assault on Asylum Families

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) condemns the Trump administration’s appalling assault on vulnerable families seeking asylum in the United States.

“The policy of this administration to separate children from their parents at the border is immoral, inhumane and indefensible," says UUA president, the Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray. "These families arrive desperate for safe-haven, seeking asylum having fled violence and disruption in their own homeland – and instead of safety, they are further traumatized, victimized and criminalized at the hands of the U.S. government."

Poster Photo from Tucson rally for immigrant families on June 30. 

Those who are fleeing violence and seeking safety for themselves or their families should find support and reassurance at the U.S. border, not the criminalization and separation of their communities.

Compounding this travesty is the Trump administration's use of religion to justify separating families at the U.S. and Mexico border. This is nothing short of religious malpractice.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ use of the Bible to justify family separation echos the ways the Bible was used to support American slavery, Nazi Germany, and South African Apartheid.

The UUA rejects this administration’s manipulation of sacred texts to explain the dehumanizing consequences of its immoral policies.

As people whose religious tradition calls us to seek justice, we will continue to side with those most in need and most vulnerable, building on our decades of commitments to support the dignity of immigrants and displaced people. Through our Love Resists campaign, we will continue to help those seeking sanctuary and safety. We will also continue to follow the lead of organizers and organizations most impacted by these immoral immigration policies.

“Every human being has a right to flee from danger,” says Rev. Frederick-Gray. “Every parent has a fundamental right to seek safety and survival for their children. Migration is not a crime. Being a refugee is not a crime. Certainly, I would do whatever was needed to protect my child and my family – wouldn’t you?”

Travel Funds Available*

Join us for Justice Action in San Diego - July 2
(An Update from the UUA's Pacific Western Region)

"This is no time for a casual faith."-Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, UUA President

Dear friends in faith,

We at the Pacific Western Region of the UUA invite you to come to San Diego on July 2nd to participate in a justice action with our partner, Mijente. Our faith calls us to not be silent, or still, while the Trump Administration separates and jails families. We cannot be idle while the US Attorney from San Diego implements Operation Streamline, a travesty of justice that has existed in the Tucson border sector since 2005, turning immigrants into criminals en masse. We cannot abide with "Zero Tolerance" because we know what it means and who it impacts. Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, Side of Love, and the UUA General Assembly have called us to act.

Join us Monday, July 2nd. 
RSVP via Side of Love

Can't make it to San Diego in person? We offer many ways you can help:

Donate to Mijente's #FreeOurFuture work support to make sure that frontline young people, immigrants (many undocumented), Indigenous folks, and other working-class folks who otherwise would not be able to attend, are there.

UU Justice Ministry of California is raising money to subsidize UUs of color's participation in conjunction with Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism. Visit their website to donate. (You can request forms via the Side of Love RSVP form, above.)

Learn more about ICE and how they are harming our communities.

Follow, amplify and share widely information about Mijente's #AbolishICE #ShutDownSessions #FreeOurFuture campaign.

Show your support publicly! RSVP on Mijente's Facebook Page.

In the spirit of love, and with hope that love conquers all,

Rev. Sarah Gibb Millspaugh and the entire Pacific Western Region team

*Information on Funding Available for San Diego Event
For our part, the UU Justice Ministry of California has been raising funds and responding to the travel needs of UUs from across the country. As part of their response, the Pacific Southwest District of the UUA has allocated funds to support UUs from PSWD in taking part in this important event. If anyone feels called to come to San Diego, please have them call me at 213-819-7200 (between 6am and midnight Pacific time) or email me at evan@uujmca.org ASAP so I can put them on the list and work out any logistical issues with them. We have funds available for gas reimbursement, airfare (when necessary) and lodging.

Newsletter Contents
Page 1- Farewell Note from Rev. Lyn; UUA Condemns Assault on Asylum Families; Join Us for Justice Action in San Diego; Report from UUA's General Assembly; and Senator Warren's Trip to an Immigrant "Camp."

Page 2 - Welcome New Members; UUCT Finance Report; SAZCUUPS News; and Announcements.

Page 3 - No More Deaths; Community Food Bank; and Citizen's Climate Lobby.

Page 4 - 2017 Photos from the Tucsonitarian, celebrating the end of year 2 of our online monthly newsletter.


Farewell from Reverend Lyn

Dear UUCT Members and Friends,

I want to thank you all for the privilege of serving as your interim minister.  From the very first few weeks, when you shared your ideas, concerns and visions for UUCT with me, I have been inspired by your resilience, integrity and optimism.

You created an atmosphere of initiative, getting things done, and creative approaches.  You worked hard and you have been generous.  Thanks to your generosity and a lot of hard work, the congregation’s finances are greatly improved, which has meant that many needed building repairs and other outstanding needs have been met.  You have come forward with ideas to meet all sorts of needs, with new programs, continuing programs, and enthusiastic concern for the well-being and future of one another and the congregation. (Photo of Rev. Lyn at the June 30 Rally for Immigrant Families.

UUCT is an energetic, exciting experience, building on the work of enthusiastic volunteers and selfless commitment from your leaders and your own unique selves.  Your positive, constructive attitudes and concerns for the congregation in all its aspects, and your initiatives, have transformed the campus and this beloved community.  Your future is bright and boundless.  I will miss you and your dedication to this bright light in the beautiful Sonoran Desert.  Thank you for your support, and your dedication to Unitarian Universalism, our fabulous faith.  The future is yours to create and build.
In faith and love,
Reverend Lyn

Capsule Report from General Assembly

(Editor's Note: Reverend Lyn sent this capsule of the some of the important events from her trip to the UUA General Assembly. This one day capsule report was written by Star King School for the Ministry - SKSM.)

June 24, 2018
Our fourth day at GA included: (1) another mini-lecture on the Racovian Catechism with Dr. Jay Atkinson, (2) Testimony: Unitarian Universalism Transforms Lives, (3) Better Coping Through Faith Community: A Support Model, (4) Why Truth Comes First in "Truth and Reconciliation," (5) UUJA End of Shabbat Ritual: Havdalah, (6) the Ware Lecture, and (7) the annual Starr King Gala!

Polity Intenstive Class

The Rev. Dr. Meg Richardson conducted our yearly polity class which covered issues of UU government. This class offers a unique look into the structure and function of the UUA and our congregations. Dr. Richardson teaches this class at GA so that students can attend general sessions and see polity in action.

The Racovian Catechism with Dr. Jay Atkinson

Dr. Jay Atkinson blessed us with a second mini-lecture on our 1609 Latin translation of the Racovian Catechism at the Starr King booth. The GA Polity intensive class attended the lecture as well as a number of non-SKSM attendees. We look forward to showcasing the rare book collection more in the coming months. 

Testimony: Unitarian Universalism Transforms Lives!

The Church of the Larger Fellowship Worship began with singing "River" as a group, followed by a welcome from Senior Minister Rev. Meg Riley. Director of Prison Ministries and SKSM grad Mandy Goheen lit the chalice and shared a heartbreaking letter from an incarcerated member of CLF that truly demonstrated the importance of CLF and Unitarian Universalism in the prison system. The rest of the worship service consisted of many testimonies, including one by Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt. Rev. Bray McNatt told the story of how she found Unitarian Universalism after rejecting the church at a young age. She described how she found faith, family, community, and her calling in Unitarian Universalism.

Better Coping Through Faith Community: A Support Model

Our very own Assistant Professor of Ethics and Society, Megan Dowdell, led a workshop on building support groups for people with chronic illnesses and/or pain within congregations. She discussed the sometimes blurred lines between mental and physical health and the difficulties of being inclusive without the group becoming too broad. The audience simulated their own support groups while Megan helped facilitate.

Why Truth Comes First in "Truth and Reconciliation"

We are blessed that SKSM Board Trustee, the Rev. Dr. Natalie Fenimore, serves on the UUA's Commission on Institutional Change. Rev. Fenimore participated in a discussion on the process of Truth and Reconciliation within Unitarian Universalism. The Commission urged the reduction of inadequate responses when information is so readily available. They advised the audience to be uncomfortable but not afraid to begin; to acknowledge our role in the system and practice humility and forgiveness. Our commission on institutional change is leading the movement in a process to determine what truth and reconciliation means for us as Unitarian Universalists today.

UUJA End of Shabbat Ritual: Havdalah

SKSM Board Trustee Rev. Alison Miller participated in a discussion on Jewish rituals in Unitarian Universalist churches. She recommended the audience pay attention to the liturgical year when planning ervices and rituals. She makes it a practice to not overlap Jewish rituals with traditional Christian rituals unless they fall on the same day. Additionally, she pointed out that different people tend to choose different holidays to delve into. Not all who attend Jewish rituals identify as Jewish, and vice versa.

Ware Lecture

Brittany Packnett was this year's Ware Lecturer. The Ware Lecture was founded in 1922 to bring visionary speakers to share their insights and give attendees a challenge at GA. Ms. Packnett is an educator, activist, writer and national leader in social justice. She is the Vice President of National Community Alliances for Teach for America where she leads a team engaging with communities and children of color. She is co-founder of Campaign Zero, a comprehensive policy platform to end police violence. She was also a member of the Ferguson Commission and served on President Obama's Taskforce for 21st Century Policing. Her powerful remarks at the Ware Lecture focused on the "spirit of expectancy." As she challenged us with love, "We are called to make the world better... Your power is waiting on you to pick it up, inform it with love and expectancy, and work."

Starr King Gala

Starr King staff, faculty, students and friends wrapped up our GA events in style at our annual Gala. We celebrated the successes of our past year. We also turned out en masse on the dance floor. It was a joy to celebrate with everyone and the food and music were fantastic. We look forward to doing it again next year in Spokane, Washington. Make plans to join us!

Thank you so much for your interest in following Starr King at General Assembly. That's all for this year's coverage. For more photos from GA, keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in the coming weeks. See you at next year's GA in Spokane, WA! www.sksm.edu