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Little dogs, 13-year-olds, a poet and a minister, drumming chanters,
 climate experts and others produced an enlightening program
 before and after the Climate March on Saturday, April 29th in
 downtown Tucson.  More Photos and a short story on page 3.

UUCT News Briefs

Congregational Meeting:  The Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson held its annual membership meeting on Sunday, April 30th. The FY 2017-2018 budget was passed, a new form of governance was adopted, and the slate of the new board members was approved. Log on to the UUCT website for details on the budget and for the complete annual report. In addition, the President's report is reprinted below and the social justice report is on page 3.

The new board of trustees (joining Frank Valdes, Bill Keyes and Brad Weeks) are Margot Garcia, Jody Bergedick, Ray Van Hoosear, Mike Greenbaum, Sonia Cota-Robles and Susan Rock. Their terms begin July 1. Under the new form of governance, each board member (except for the President) will be assigned to one of the following portfolios: Worship, Operations, Life-Span Faith Development, Finance, Ways and Means, Membership, Denomination & Social Action, and Community Life. Their job will be to oversee various committees and activities in each grouping.

The new nominating committee/leadership development team includes Cary White, Gwen Goodman, Becky Keyes and Julie Omar Makram. Two positions remain open and volunteers are welcome to apply. The committee designated for the new minister search includes Steve Kraynak, Wendy Gordon Weeks, Aston Bloom, Beth Britton, Janet Moore and Margo Newhouse. Another member will be appointed by the Board of Trustees.

Share the Plate Monthly Offerings:  There is still time to send in your suggestions for Share the Plate offerings for the next fiscal year. The congregation will then select the recipients for the next year. Members are encouraged to select local organizations. Send your suggestions to Mary Wiese at mwiese@uuctucson.org.

Church Cook-Out and Picnic!  On Sunday, May 21, after church, we will be holding an all-church picnic on our patio and in Goddard Hall. We will be grilling hamburgers, hotdogs, and veggie burgers for everyone to enjoy. More details to come. Please plan to join us for this fun event that we would like to make into an annual tradition. Please contact Sam Meyer for more information: sammeyer13@gmail.com.

Volunteer Wanted: Facilitator for Church Yard Sale: Contact Beth Britton for details at beth.britton@hotmail.com.

Special Notice on Local Film Screening
of the Infiltrators
at the Creative Photography Museum, U of A Campus
Thursday, May 4, 7 PM, Free

Join us for a screening of Infiltrators, a visceral “road movie” that chronicles the daily travails of Palestinians of all backgrounds as they seek routes through, under, round, and over a bewildering matrix of barriers. Khaled Jarrar’s debut documentary was the standout success at the 2012 Dubai International Film Festival, winning the Muhr Arab Documentary Prize, the Special Jury Prize, the International Critics Prize, and the Gold Hugo for the best Documentary at Chicago International Film Festival.

This film is in partnership with the University of Arizona School of Art and is free to the public. 
Film Details: Arabic dialogue with English subtitles. Length: 70 minutes.

About the Artist:  Born in the occupied West Bank in 1976, Khaled Jarrar currently lives and works in Tucson, Arizona, where he is researching the potential fallout of the proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall. Jarrar is also working on a film and multimedia series that documents his month-long journey with a group of migrants who traveled to Europe last year in order to draw attention to the plight of Syrian refugees. To learn more about Jarrar, please visit http://www.ayyamgallery.com/artists/khaled-jarrar

More announcements on Page 2

Newsletter Contents

Page 1: News on the annual UUCT membership meeting; the President's and BOT's Annual Report; Rev Lyn's Column; UUA's Love Resists program; Share the Plate suggestions; film screening at Creative Photography Museum; and the Annual Picnic.

Page 2:  Exploring Mount Lemmon; UU camping on Memorial Day; Share the Plate for May (Cat Shelter); and CUUPS notices.

Page 3:  Report on Climate March; ACLU needs volunteers; Tucson ID cards; Proposed environmental justice class; Social Justice Council meeting and its Annual Report.

Page 4:  Photos and a poem.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Helen Keller

Reverend Lyn's Column

What a beautiful time this is!  Looking forward to honoring our former Music Director, Agnes Paulsen on her birthday, next Sunday, May 7.  You don’t want to miss seeing Agnes and hearing all – almost all -- about this beloved woman who has given so much to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson.  Feel free to bring a card!

As we begin to move forward with new leadership on July 1, we have much to do, one step at a time.  As your elected Search Committee begins its work, they will need your advice and support. We have important interim goals and priorities to set, and serious work to do to prepare for a new minister.  Here are the recommended interim goals for Unitarian Universalist congregations.

claiming and honoring its past and engaging and honoring its griefs and conflicts
recognizing its unique identity and its strengths, needs, and challenges
clarifying the appropriate leadership roles of minister(s), church staff, and lay leaders           and navigating the shifts in leadership that may accompany times of transition
making appropriate use of District, UUA, and other outside resources
proudly coming into possession of a renewed vision and strong stewardship, prepared             for new growth and new professional leadership, ready to embrace the future with                     anticipation and zest.

The current Board of Trustees Team will assess the congregation’s progress, as will I, before the end of this fiscal year (June 30). We will seek input from the Transition Team and the congregation.  We will set priorities from among these interim goals.  We will send these assessment reports to the UUA Transitions office.

The newly elected Board of Trustees will begin a new phase, based on results of completed assessments.  And your newly elected Board will add their recommendations for priorities.  During the next year, while your Search Committee is completing its work to find the most promising minister to serve this wonderful congregation, the Board of Trustees, Transition Team and I will do our best to lead you through the process of accomplishing the remaining interim goals, according to the priorities that you and your leaders will have agreed on.

Although I will be away most of the summer on study leave and vacation, my study leave will be dedicated to planning for the next year, with the advice of the Transition Team and your Board of Trustees.  It is an exciting time.  Working together we have all made a lot of progress.  I look forward with great enthusiasm and confidence in all of you, to the interim year that lies ahead.

In our great Unitarian Universalist faith, and in great faith and you,

Reverend Lyn

In January, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) began an unprecedented level of collaboration to support a growing movement to resist hate speech and xenophobic policy actions at local, state, and national levels, fed by the Trump administration’s dangerous and immoral policy agenda. Since then, thousands of individuals, congregations, and organizations have joined us by adding their names to the “Declaration of Conscience,” kick-starting the first phase in our recently named joint initiative, Love Resists.
Over the past three months, that effort has continued to grow. Love Resists is now nearly 15,000 strong, and includes individuals and groups from all 50 states, as well as across the globe. You have joined us in this work to resist the increasing criminalization of our communities and to support inclusive policies and strategies that will create safer, more just, welcoming, and sustainable communities.
Many of you have already taken further actions beyond signing the Declaration—participating in Conscience Calls, joining us in webinars to learn more about sanctuary policies and strategies, and sharing resources and information about ongoing work in your communities. We are taking another step forward in this major effort, unveiling a new website which offers a range of information and materials to help you engage in this work. The site is designed to facilitate your learning about strategies and tactics that are having positive impacts as well as share news updates and enable you to more easily report the great work you are doing as you inspire and network with others. We invite you to visit loveresists.org to continue this journey and join the online conversation using #LoveResists on social media!
In faith and solidarity,  
Carey McDonald and Pamela Sparr, on behalf of Love Resists