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You Can Make a Difference!

by Reverend Lyn Oglesby

Reverend Lyn Oglesby and crew visiting State Senator Steve Farley during the annual Day at the Legislature organized by UUJAZ. See story below.

You Can Make a Difference!

by Reverend Lyn Oglesby

Georgia Conroy, Cynthia Funckes, Jim Hannley, Rodney Lowell, Liz Ravenwood, Carolyn Saunders, and I traveled to Phoenix Feb. 20 to attend a UUJAZ gathering organized by our own Rev. Lisa McDaniel-Hutchings to help us learn about how the State Legislature operates. We met with Representatives and Senators, attended a workshop on how to visit with legislators, and learned how to contact them via a wonderful “mechanism” that we all can use. It is called “RequestToSpeak” and you can access by clicking here. 'Request to Speak' will enable you to contact legislators about specific bills that are in the process of becoming laws.

'Legislative Alerts'

As Margo Newhouse let us know during the “Social Action Minute” last Sunday (Feb. 26), we have a fabulous resource available to help us keep up with what is happening in the legislature. “AZ Legislative Alert” is available on line via the Valley Unitarian Universalist Church click here. Just scroll down to the latest Legislative Alert. And you may sign up to receive alerts weekly via email from Anne Schneider, who prepares them. Anne is a retired political science professor and dean at Arizona State and a real pistol! I promise you that you will find the AZ Legislative Alert interesting and that sometimes it contains alarming information about what might be on the way to becoming law in Arizona.

Find Out Your District and Your State Representatives

Click here for full instructions on how to find your state representatives. Don’t forget that Pam Powers Hannley, a member of UUCT, is on the job for us in the legislature and ready to help with information. Pam has been a big help to us as we improve our social media connections here at UUCT!

Why Bother?

Why am I bothering you with all this information? Because I am worried about the condition of our country and our democracy. If our democracy is “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” then the people – that means every one of us – you, me, our families, our neighbors, our fellow Unitarian Universalists must remain active and vigilant. We cannot, we cannot, simply sit back and let others make our decisions for us without our input. We do so at our peril!

Donald Trump is not the greatest threat to our democracy. We are, by failing to act, failing to let our state legislators and congressional representatives and senators know our wishes about pending legislation. Inaction, passivity, and ignorance will bring down a democracy wherever it is, and here is no exception. I urge you to take some time each week to pay attention to the AZ Legislative Alert, and to make your views known. Make it a habit. Our state, our country and our democracy will be stronger and healthier if you do. On my soap box and proud of it!

Wheel of the Year: March 2017 Events

by Carrie Cooper (carriekali@gmail.com)

The Wheel of the Year is turning towards Spring, and we have several events planned for Earth-relating UUs this month.

Sat Mar 11: CUUPS Chapter Organizational Meeting

The Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS) is an organization dedicated to networking Pagan-identified Unitarian Universalists (UUs), educating people about Paganism, promoting interfaith dialogue, developing Pagan liturgies and theologies, and supporting Pagan-identified UU religious professionals.

We have four individual CUUPS members now. We need one more person to join to have our chapter dues waived. If you are interested, please attend this meeting. We'll be discussing the next steps to forming a Baja 4 / Southern Arizona CUUPS chapter for all 4 UU congregations. The meeting is from 1 to 3:30 pm at the UUCT campus. You can RSVP on Facebook

Mon Mar 20: Ostara / Spring Equinox Service

Ostara: the Sabbat with the Rabbit! (A “sabbat” is one of the eight festivals celebrated during the year: solstices, equinoxes, and the cross-quarter days). We will turn the Wheel of Year toward spring in the next "alternative worship" service for neo-pagans, Wiccans, and all who are interested in Earth-based spirituality. The ritual will include chocolate egg divination and the story of Persephone. Bring a snack to share during our fellowship time after the service. Background: Read more about this holiday by clicking here. 6 to 8 pm in the Holland Sanctuary. We’ll meet outside, weather permitting. RSVP on the Facebook event

Coming in April: Pagan 101

Several people in the congregation have said they have questions about the Wiccan path or what it means to be a Pagan and a UU, and why it’s important for UUCT to have an “alternative worship” service on a regular basis. Like UUs, beliefs among Pagans can vary widely, depending on the person’s tradition and beliefs. Like UUs, we have ethics but no dogma. Some of us worship multiple gods and female deity and some of us do not. We celebrate the cycles of the natural year, which is why we have been calling this group “Wheel of the Year.” (If you want to read a good introduction, The Pagan Federation has a lovely overview, click here.) We’re planning a casual chat session on the topic “Pagan 101” to be held mid-April. Details to be announced.



Read UU's Quarterly Magazine, UU World

Articles in the Spring Edition Include:

Be a Patriot

Twenty lessons for citizens of an imperiled democracy,

from a scholar of twentieth-century catastrophes.

by Timothy Snyder

Humiliation and hostility:

A riot lives on In Tulsa, racial justice activists work

to overcome the legacy of a 1921 riot that killed

as many as 300 black people.

by Elaine McArdle and Kenny Wiley

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Newsletter Contents

Page 1 - Charlie King Concert for Keep Tucson Together; Messages from Reverend Lyn Oglesby and UUCT President Frank Valdes; Wheel of the Year by Carrie; Article on Justice District Assembly and Finance Report.

Page 2 - Red Cups, New Members, and Table Grids; General Announcements; Where Does the Church Money Go...; Discovering Tucson.

Page 3 - Religious Education at UUCT; Today's Children, Yesterday's Heritage; People's Power Campaign (KTT); A Story from Habitat for Humanity.

Page 4 - St. Michael's Guatemala Project; Operation Streamline; A Call Against Hate Crimes; Documentary on Move to Amend; Video of a young poet's poem "Rise Up."

Charlie King in Concert

a benefit for

Keep Tucson Together (KTT)

March 11, 2017

Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson, 4831 E 22nd St.

The free vegan Mexican meal from La Indita herself, Maria Garcia,

will be ready @ 6 PM in Goddard Hall.

The free concert will begin @ 7 PM in Holland Sanctuary.

There will be raffle drawings throughout the evening as well.

All free will donations that night will accrue to KTT.

(See Story about KTT on page 3)

Charlie King has been singing witty and wise songs almost annually at the UUCT for over 30 years. These concerts presented by ITZABOUTIME have raised thousands upon thousands of dollars for local groups whose causes are in tune with the UU mission. They include issues of war and peace, immigration, labor, free health care, homelessness, nearly every justice issue a person and community can face.

Charlie's an award-winning songwriter, an award-winning recording artist and an award-winning activist. He's a founder of the Peoples Music Network, the American Federation of Musicians Local 1000 for traveling musicians. He has master's degrees in Religious Studies and Public Health, and his charm and charisma have kept audiences in Tucson coming back again and again.

More information about Keep Touch Together (KTT) can be found on page 3 of this newsletter. If anyone can't attend, please consider sending a donation to ITZABOUTIME, with KTT written on the memo line. Their address is 402 S. Star, Tucson AZ 85719. KTT is a working group of No More Deaths.

Co-sponsored by UUCT’s Social Justice Council

Townhall Meeting March 5

by Frank Valdes (President UUCT Board)

Town Hall Meetings are called to inform you about important developments and proposals affecting our congregation. These are not voting meetings, but the feedback and questions the leaders receive are critical to having a well-informed and efficient Congregational Meeting where the proposals are voted on.

The Town Hall Meeting on March 5th has two important topics that affect the future of UUCT. One of these is the steps we, as leadership and congregation, will be taking to find and call a new settled minister. Because this is such an important step in the life of a congregation, and it is vital that potential called ministers and the congregation understand each other, there is a well-defined and somewhat lengthy process that has been developed by the UUA. Our district transition coach, the Rev. Anne Hines, will be coming to Tucson to describe the search process and answer questions. She will meet with the Board and Interim Transition Team the day before and then meet with you all in the Town Hall.

The types of topics for the search process include: developing church information to clearly represent the status and needs of the church, methods for selecting a Search Committee, what their duties entail, and budgets for the process. Some of you may be confused by the three committees you have heard about. The Interim Search Committee was a short-lived committee that led to our interim minister, Rev. Lyn. The Transition Team works with the interim minister and the congregation during the interim period. The Search Committee is a yet-to-be-formed committee to find and recommend a settled minister. These committees are not the same.

The second important topic for the Town Hall is a proposal for how UUCT is governed. This means: by whom and how decisions are made for the congregation. This was an area of strong concern within the congregation last year and was selected as a high priority during the interim period.

We had a Congregational Forum last year to clear up the mysteries of the current governance structure and to solicit ideas for a future structure that is representative, clear, and transparent. Three common structures, among many other ideas, were brought forth in this brainstorming meeting. The outcome of the forum was for your Board to discuss the options and return to you with a proposal. It is the purpose of this Town Hall meeting to present such a proposal and to solicit comments and clarifications.

The Board arrived at a particularly nice proposal that gives the congregation an important "buy-in" role in the governance structure and allows for the structure to evolve with circumstances in a straightforward way. In a nutshell, the concept is that the Bylaws mandate that a governance plan be approved by the congregation at each annual meeting. The plan may be the same from year to year or evolve. Because the plan is a separate yearly item, it is transparent, requires the support of the congregation, and is easy to adjust as opposed to enshrining something in the Bylaws.

The governance plan that is being proposed for next year is the so-called "Portfolio Board.” In summary, each area of our church would be administered by a designated Board member. This was the consensus of the current Board after considering the various alternatives. In the future we could try the "Church Council" or "Administrative Team" approaches that were also suggested at the Governance Forum. In order to put portfolio responsibilities on Board members, the proposal also includes a Bylaws change for a small increase in the size of the Board from 7 to 9 and a new position of Vice President for Administration.

Please attend the March 5th meeting if you can. The proposal documents will be posted in advance, although the finishing touches are still being added as I write this column. A future Town Hall meeting will be held to present budget proposals, which are also being developed at this time, in advance of the Annual Meeting.

Congratulations to All Those Who Contributed to

Making Our Annual Mardi Gras Fundraising Event Such A Success! More than $13,000 was raised for our Church!

Register Now for Justice District Assembly - Deadline March 15

by Carolyn Saunders

This vision of a Justice DA is only possible through the architecture of our interdependence. This is the realization of the interdependent web of all existence through our structure of congregations, organizations and partnerships. Working with a wide range of partner organizations, UU Justice Arizona (UUJAZ) has scheduled a large number of interactive, immersive experiences to take place on Saturday, April 1.

Here in Tucson you can participate in a hands-on simulation to better understand the effects of NAFTA and other free trade policies on the daily lives of real people on both sides of the US/Mexico border. Then hear about immigration detention and write supportive cards to people being held in indefinite detention. This is one of six Tucson options

In Amado learn about the policy of “deterrence by desert” and humanitarian aid when you register for a contemplative hike through the desert near Green Valley, AZ to locations where human remains have been found. Selected readings set a reflective tone. After lunch at the church in Amado, drive to the Humanitarian Aid Station in Arivaca and assist with life-saving water placement on the way back. There are several other Amado options as well.

When you register, you must select the trip you want to take so transportation can be scheduled. The trip out of Sierra Vista to Agua Prieta, Mexico, has already filled to capacity as have some of the trips in Amado. So now is the time to register! Registration closes on March 15, and there is no on-site registration.

If you want to be a part of DA, but do not want to participate in the trips, there is local registration option. It only costs $15 and includes the Friday night keynote address, the Saturday business meeting (so you could be a delegate from your congregation) and the Saturday night dinner. Dinners will be served in all three locations—Tucson, Sierra Vista, and Amado—but the business meeting and the keynote address will occur in Tucson at UUCT with broadcasts to Sierra Vista and Amado.

Everyone from the Baja 4 congregations is invited to attend the Sunday worship service to be held at the border wall in Nogales, Arizona. Some bus transportation may be available at a nominal cost. Stay tuned for more information about that.

The moral compass of our UU principles points the way we must travel. Join other UUs from our District on this journey of education, connection and transformation. Come to Justice DA 2017!

Report from the Finance Committee

by Margot Garcia, Chair

January was a very good month for the church finances. We deposited $30,164.24 in our checking account and spent $28,386.69, leaving a net balance of $1,777.55. Adding this to the balance in checking after December has meant we are able to pay off the remaining pensions we owed for 2016 for Jesus and Mary, so that debt has been cleared. We are up to date on all bills, have started paying $100 a month to the UUA and to the Pacific Southwest District. We are developing a little cushion to carry us through the lean months of May, June, and July so we won’t have to borrow from credit reserve.

We recommended to the board to amend Rev Lyn Ogelsby’s contract to increase the amount we are paying for dental and medical benefits by $100 a month to cover her increased medical insurance payments and dental insurance.

The Finance Committee spent most of its meeting going line by line over a draft budget compiled from data supplied by committees, staff, and current expenditures. To be able to do all the things we would like to do, the pledge drive will need to bring in about $248,000. After the pledge drive is over in March, we will align the budget with projected income. We will also need to include money for the search process for a new minister. Estimates for this range from $10,000 to $15,000 to cover the costs of bringing the ministerial candidate and spouse to visit Tucson, of developing materials to show off our church, and programs, and costs the search committee might incur on trips to other churches to hear potential candidates preach.

The new wiring for the better phone system should be complete by the time you read this, and new phones installed. The Internet should also be more reliable. This has been paid for by the Capital Campaign. The rewiring bid was $3,834.61.

Keep those pledges coming in. Your support has helped immensely in stabilizing the financial situation and getting us to a point where Byron Skinner, Treasurer and check signer, says “This job is almost fun now!”