Weeks of May 16 and May 23, 2016
Assignments- PDM Book         


Monday:  Mathopoly
               Suggested Rev: pp.594#1-6,8

Tuesday:  Quiz 9.1-9.6
                Bring headphones or ear buds Wed-Fri

Wednesday:  Conic Section Unit
Thursday: Turn in passes
                 Conic Section Unit

Friday:   Make-up work and May EC due by 2:40pm EST!                                                           Turn in passes                                                                                                             Conic Section Unit completed by the end of the period                                               Bring organized notebook, EVT, polar family, calc (new batteries?)



Monday: Trimester Review - show work on own paper; 20 pts  

Work on notecard

Tuesday: Finish Tri Review (show work on own paper; 20 pts) - get checked off

Turn in book if review checked off

Bring notecard, polar family, EVT and calc (new batteries?)

Wednesday: Trimester Exam - may use EVT, polar family, graphing calc

cheat notecard(3.5x5 both sides); rulers, cp  

Turn in book


Have a great summer!!!