Algebra II
Weeks of May 16 and May 23, 2016


Progress Book

Textbook Site  Enter webcode age-0503 (numbers are chapter then section; the example is Chapter 5 Section 3)



Monday:  Review period/amplitude
               Sin/Cos Matching Activity
                Go over HW27)Wk 13.4#1-19 odd

Tuesday:  HW28)Wk 13.5#2-18 even on own paper
Wednesday:  HW29)Wk13.6#4-32 mults of 4 on graph paper
Thursday:  Turn in passes
                 Suggested Rev: p.860 #22-32 even
Friday:  Make-up work and May EC due today by 2:40pm EST!
             Turn in passes
             In Class Graded Assignment on 13.4-13.6


Monday: Trimester Review Sheet - show work on own paper; 20 pts

Tuesday:  Finish Trimester Review Sheet (show work on own paper; 20 pts)

Wednesday:  Game - use tri review to check answers/get help
                     Organize notebook
                     Turn in cleanout out book (if have already checked off review)

Thursday:  Trimester Exam - open notebook,  graphing calculator, ruler, cp
                  Turn in cleaned out book

Have a great summer!!!