Our Project

    Different programs in the European Union in matters of environment urge the joint action of the governments and society in the construction of a sustainable development. By this reason, the school  as a social  partner has to provide the students with knowledge and abilities to understand and to take part in the community where they are, and to take on a commitment to the environmental  improvement and their immediate surrounding.
Sustainability is a cross-curricular content included in our partners´Educational Projects but we all believe that is necessary to go in depth in more active methodologies and in the adoption of new actions for a sustainable consumption and preservation of environment. We also think our participation in this project is necessary to improve English linguistic skills as well in the communication between students as in the work of other curricular contents : Science, Maths, Social Studies, Art, Music. We want to achieve these aims through cooperative learning and the use of new technologies.
It is necessary for all us to go ahead with this project  in a transnational way so that our students have a global view of  the importance of sustainable habits and behaviours  to preserve the planet and to check that is an issue that concerns and mobilise us all.With the participation in this project we can provide it with an european dimension :
- exchanging experiences in the work of the foreign language and ICT,
- providing our oldest students with real life situations where English will be the only language they can use to communicate between them,
- participating in activities through collaborative learning when some students  are together in the different partners´countries ( Learning/Teaching/Training activities)
- researching work about  consumption habits and behaviours in our partners´ families and communities . This research and comparative study will be done collecting data in graphs, calculating averages, percentatges and use maths knowledge  to carry them out.
If the responsible consumption is up to everyone, we think the best way is working together, knowing how other people do it, agreeing measures and feeling that the necessity of a better world is shared for all partners´students , families and communities.

Objectives pursued :

.To improve the shortcomings in our schools with regard to the work of the Sustainability,  to implement new methodological approaches, new trends  and integrate what we have learned in our families, schools  and communities.
. To improve our teachers and students ´English  skills as well as their habilities in the use of new technologies in order to do more competent citizen.            
. To participate in European cooperation projects for the modernization and internalization of our schools.
. To show ways of living that are model of good practice.
. To implement an optimistic, sensible and critical educational model about environmental sustainability avoiding effects such us indifference, conformity or resignation.
. To organize exchange of information  and experiences between our partners sharing the imperative to act at home and in the school to improve the preservation of environment.
. To carry out a collaborative research process about consumption habits of basic products and water in our partners´homes , schools and local communities  in order to  provide our students to come into contact with other ways of thinking and acting.
. To analyse the origin, labelling, package of some daily products we consume  and their environmental footprint in order to favour the consumption of local, nearby products.
. To know some small, easy and daily actions that could gain a great and lasting environmental profit.
. To set up and remember the 3R´s ranking priority : Reduce and Reuse above Recicle. To sum up " to learn to have less to live  on in order to many more people live better " .
. To promote the educational community  participation in solving environmental problems ( together with family members and local governments ) to become more sustainable citizen and  become active agents in our society.

The coordinating school  thanks to  its experience in other projects coordination will assume the general organization and it will  enhance the each partner´s skills  in the implementation of activities.