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For general membership questions, please contact Mat Callegari ( the chapter Reporter.

BAP Candidacy Requirements

·         Major or minor in Accounting, Finance, CIS or MAcc

·         Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher

·         Cumulative major GPA of 3.0 or higher

·         Pay dues and one time $65 BAP candidate fee

BAP Membership Requirements

         Complete at least one semester as a BAP candidate

         Complete at least one upper-division (3000 level or higher) finance, accounting, or CIS class

         Be in good standing with the chapter.

BAP Good Standing Requirements

         Attend 7 hours of professional events.  4 of these hours must be BAP-sponsored

         Complete 5 hours of community service. 3 hours must be BAP-sponsored.

         Complete 1 tutoring session through BAP.

         Must pay dues ($20/semester or $35/year)

 All BAP sponsored events are expected to be attended by members and candidates unless there is a legitimate reason for not attending i.e. a class or work conflict or illness.
Community Service: (contact our Community Service Chair for more information)
Every member and candidate must perform 5 hours of community service. BAP will provide at least 5 hours.
3 of the 5 hours must be BAP sponsored.  The remaining 2 hours can be either BAP or non-BAP sponsored.
1 Session (2 hours) of BAP Tutoring is required. (This counts towards the 5 hour requirement.)

BAP Tutoring Sessions

Wednesday & Sunday, 7-9pm, HELM 3rd floor lounge

Mandatory Events: 

BAP Challenge (Fall)
Candidate Induction 
New Member Initiation 
End of Year Celebration(Spring)