15 Degree Engine Conversion



This information is for a Jetta 2.0 ABA OBD1 installed into an '81 air cooled Westfalia with manual steering and no AC.

Links To Work Done So Far 

OBD1 ABA -> Vanagon; Basic Electrical Connections

Cooling System Parts 

Pics of my conversion. 

In choosing the 15 degree conversion, I knew I would have to make an engine carrier  like this.  I was already interested in MIG welding,  Hobart MIG Welder  so making this part seemed like a good project.  Pics Of Carrier Installed  I have no idea what the cost would be for a welder to make this part, but it has to be made, so this is something to consider when choosing the type of conversion you want.

Conversion Tips 

My opinion on converting an air cooled Vanagon to water cooled:

My .02 on AC Engine Conversion (long)

App. costs so far:

parts van - $600, towing - $100, new rad - $230, new heater core - $211, heater core hoses - $88 (the used ones were in really good shape btw),  engine/wiring harness  etc. - $600, KEP adapter plate/flywheel - $570 shipping/taxes incl.

There are other smaller expenses. The MIG welder was $550 before tax.

So less the MIG welder and the $300 I got selling the parts van engine/tires the approximate total (so far!) are ~ $2100. I could have used the parts rad. and heater core hoses but I chose to go with new. If I had started with a WBX platform, it would be much less. Still it's a pretty good deal for a Vanagon with lot's of new parts and a 96K KM Jetta 2.0 ABA !

Bonus: spare WBX tranny, and lot's of misc. Vanagon parts. Speedo, etc. etc. etc. Value - ?


The "bonus" spare parts from the '85 have been most helpful. 

Additional new parts that bumped the total rough cost of conversion to $3600 Cnd.

Coolant pump, "AC delete" kit (VR6 pulley, shorter serp belt), serp belt pulley and tensioner, 2 timing belts (don't ask!), timing belt tensioner, cat/muffler/tailpipe+bits, Sachs clutch kit, various engine gaskets/seals, (FI's, valve cover, crankcase breather etc.etc.) distributor, coolant expansion bottle (2. Don't ask!), spark plugs, rotor/cap, sparkplug wires, crankcase breather pipe and PVC vent, oil filler cap, air filter and ??.