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Merit Badges

The goal of the merit badge program is to expand a Scout's areas of interest and to encourage the Scout to meet and work with adults in a chosen subject. Merit badges are earned by a Scout working with a registered merit badge counselor. The Scout is required to contact a counselor via the Troop Scoutmaster to arrange for times and places to meet with the counselor. When the Scout completes the work on the merit badge the counselor will inform the Scoutmaster that the Scout has completed the requirements for that badge. Merit Badges earned will be presented to the Scout during the Troop's Court of Honor.

Each parent of a Troop 530 Scout is encouraged to become a trained merit badge counselor. Information for merit badge counselors can be found in the Merit Badge Counselor Instructors Guide and the Merit Badge Couselor Application. In addition,meritbadge.org is a great resource for everything relating to merit badges.

The list below identifies each of the merit badges available through the Boy Scouts of America and whether Troop 530 offers a merit badge counselor for each. Optional merit badge worksheets can help Scouts organize notes, listen actively, and document their work


This is one of the alternate Eagle required MB. A youth can earn either the Swimming, Cycling, or Hiking Merit badges. If more than one of these is earned, only one of them will count as "Eagle Required" for the Eagle rank. The requirements for the merit badge are going to be updated sometime in 2012 to include Mountain Biking -- see this article. The current requirements for the MB can be found at this location. 

Some additional resources: 
  • HERE is a nice article on teaching the Cycling MB to Scouts.  It is a bit dated, but some good advice there on teaching the MB.
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  • BTA -- the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. Blogs, resources, and info on events. This is a great organization that helps cyclists throughout Oregon work with their city, county, and state governments to support cycling -- see HERE. Join TODAY! 
  • Bike commute challenge, every September! There are options to donate, but you can also do it for FREE. It is a great way to challenge yourself and your friends to bike commuting!
  • Route tracking sites. If you have the $$ for a GPS-enabled cyclocomputer or carry your GPS-enabled smart phone with you on your rides, you can track every turn and every pedal. However, you don't need all the fancy gear to use these sites to plan rides and keep track of your rides. The interfaces and options are evolving daily, so let me know if you find something else useful that should be added. Here is an article on the different sites
    • Ride with GPS. I like their interface the best today (9/7/2012)
    • Map my ride. there are also associated map my X {hike, walk, etc.} sites. 
  • Portland Wheelmen. Portland's largest biking club.  PWTC welcomes riders of all abilities. The annual membership includes a monthly newsletter, club discounts at many area bike shops, and is a great way to network with cyclists in the area. To join, register online, or print out thisMembership Form, complete it, and mail it in. 
  • Bike Repair
    • Your local cycle shop usually gives seminars for FREE. In particular, if you sign up for the membership at your Performance Cycle Shop, you will get invitations to their bi-weekly seminars. Of course, you'll get a lot of other propaganda, too, but that's the price of convenience....
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