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Texas Tech SPE is an organization committed to helping students learn more about the industry by offering the opportunity to network with company representatives, encouraging the exchange of ideas with others, and providing experience in the field through a variety of educational trips taken through out the year.


Texas Tech SPE holds meetings approximately twice a month in the evening and consists of dinner, updates, and a presentation by the sponsoring company.  Information regarding meeting dates and times, the company speaker, and the location can all be found in the Calendar tab on the site menu.   
Yearly Events
Texas Tech SPE hosts a variety of events throughout the year which includes anything from tailgates to banquets. For more information visit the Events tab on the site menu.

IM Sports

Texas Tech SPE participates as an organization in Intramural Sports. The sports that SPE participates in varies from year to year, however, in past years we have participated in:

• IM Football
• IM Soccer
• IM Softball

If you're interested in playing for one of SPE's IM teams or getting SPE involved in another sport, contact the External Vice President.