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Advisor: Dr. Charles Caldwell
Advisor: Ms. Leigh Waggoner

Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors interested in accounting are welcome to attend meetings and become members with the payment of $10 dues. Meetings are during dead hour on the last Thursday of each month. They include lunch (covered by dues) and feature speakers who expound on accounting-related issues and on the significance of accounting in professional sports, non-profit organizations, etc. Accounting Club sponsors one to two social events per semester and supports Serenity House by providing laundry supplies. Notices concerning meetings are posted throughout Johnson Hall during the semester.


Note: When writing a check to the club, please make the check out to "TTU Accounting Club."


Fall 2007 Officers

President: Sarah Jo Owens
Vice President: Leah Cunningham
Treasurer: Vladimir Haralambiev


Because of spamming software, officers' emails are not linked to this site.  If you need to contact an officer, you can find their email address using the TTU Student Directory Search.


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