Fall 2016 Schedule

Please see calendar for additional information on upcoming events!

2015 Banquet

Upcoming Professional Development Events:
CMC 2016 Conference
Saturday, November 5, 2016
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Palm Springs Convention Center

This is a great professional development opportunity to volunteer and attend the conference as a participant. Sign up by registering as a student volunteer here. TTSM will be providing a carpool and a stay in a hotel Friday night! If you have any questions, please contact TTSM Community Chair, Dana Nomura (dnomu001@ucr.edu). 

Established in 2007 TTSM (Tomorrow’s Teachers in Science and Math) is a club on campus at the University of California Riverside. We have activities consisting of general meetings, socials, and fundraisers.For more information about these events please see the calender at the bottom of this page. Not only do we have an overall purpose (which we have stated below), but we also give students at UCR, that share a common interest in teaching science and/or math, the chance to network and socialize with each other. We also offer our members opportunities for professional development and community outreach.


TTSM brings together students that are considering and/or actively pursuing a career in teaching in mathematics and science, with the purpose of:
  • creating a place where future educators are able to form a community and build both personal and professional relationships
  •  preparing members for a career in education by providing opportunities to develop leadership and the skills required for the profession
  • and finally, utilizing our passion for education by motivating disadvantaged high school students in their studies and encouraging them to pursue a college degree following graduation.