K.O.O.L. (Kids of Our Lord) Children's Ministry                                             

About KOOL Kidz Church 

KOOL Kidz Church is tailored to give children an interactive memorable learning experience through hands on creative crafts, games and Biblically-based lessons for them that will help them develop and grow spiritually. They will learn how to pray, how to read & study the Bible, the Sword.

We are committed to equipping the next generation in the solid foundation of Biblical truth and tom be devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Our goal is to help each and every child/youth develop an intimate relationship with God so that at a very young age he or she falls in love with Him. We can only accomplish this through partnering with parents so that together we may raise children who wholeheartedly serve Christ through obedience, worship and Godly character. 

This ministry is a reflection of our mission, vision statement which is our daily guide. 

The Creative Arts & Dance Ministry                          

The Creative Arts & Dance Ministry includes praise & worship by means of dancing, miming, stepping and drama. As a part of this ministry you will creatively communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ through wordless expression, gestures, body movements and skits.

 Drama-Provide visual demonstration using acting as a discipleship tool to enhance other ministries in our local body of Christ. To minister God's grace in the various forms of drama: skits, stage plays, and snippets. This ministry exhibits a powerful demonstration of how drama meets dance to usher the people into the awesome presence of God.

Praise Dance-Our primary goal is to use the creative art of dance to usher the congregation into a place of praise, worship, reflection, and meditation.

Mime-Mime is the art of silence. Taking the invisible and making it visible through gestures and movements of the body. Mime, together with dance and drama is the communication allows the viewers imagination to create and make the experience personal

Stepping-Liturgical dance is words in motion! We practice and strive, through dance, to help set the atmosphere for the Word of God to be preached and ultimately edify God with the creative art of dance with faithful and dedicated members who give themselves to God - mind, body and soul!

Media/Audio/Video Ministry                                     

The /Media/Audio/Video Ministry is responsible for the church sound, music & video systems. This ministry is also responsible for the recording all worship services and for providing music throughout church services. They are responsible for the set up and maintenance of equipment along with the operation of the sound system during regular services and special events such as revivals, weddings, etc. 

New Membership Journey Class                               

The New Membership Journey Class is a mandatory training class for all members and is a requirement for any involvement within this church. This class is designed to inform you of our church statement which includes the mission, vision and covenant of The Tabernacle Of God.

You will also receive an overview of how you can serve effectively within this body by utilizing your gifts in ministry and becoming involved within the community through outreach.

It is our desire to be a biblically community of believers, we must grow in wisdom, knowledge and obedience to Biblical teaching. Each member is meaningful, gifted, and designed by God himself to serve in a place that supports and build up the rest of the body (Ephesians 4:11-16)


An Usher is a volunteer officer of the church that he or she serves. A church Usher is the first official representative of the church that anybody sees when they arrive and they play an important role in making the members and/or visitors feel welcome to our Worship Celebration Services. “I rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness” Psalms 84:10

Voices of The Tabernacle & Jr. Voices                     

Choir is a ministry dedicated to providing Christian music during worship services, which edifies believers and honors our God through songs and praise by utilizing voices and instruments.

Sing to the Lord, all the earth! Sing of His glorious name! Tell the world how wonderful He is”
Psalm 66:1-2

D.O.L.L’s  (Dedicated Ordained Leading Ladies) Women’s Ministry                    

D.O.L.L’s is to educate, encourage, equip and empower women in their journey with God. This women’s ministry will assist and guide Christian women in developing a more intimate relationship with Christ, acquiring a greater knowledge of their biblical role as women and advancing the kingdom of God through service within and beyond their inner circle. D.O.L.L’s follows up with, visits & contacts the sick, hospitalized or shut-in members. We also offer emotional & spiritual support to grieving members of our church family.

 D.O.L.L’s Fellowship To embrace women & build relationships with other women from all walks of life into a deeper relationship with Christ. To encourage all women who we connect with, to believe that God has a plan and purpose for their lives. Admonish them to seek that purpose and live it, which in turn will give glory to God.

 D.O.L.L’s Ministry serves an umbrella for the following ministries which help to assist in the fulfillment of the vision

Jr. D.O.L.L’s is a mentoring girls program that hosts young girls ages 6-17 to enhance their lives culturally, socially, spiritually and educationally

Christian Education Ministry                                        

Sunday School & Power Hour involves the administration and coordination of programs or strategies to facilitate the spiritual growth or discipleship of believers into Christ-likeness through bible study & curriculum, devotionals and discussions.

 Sunday School is to nurture faith and support each other through the study of the Word of God.  It is our goal to change lives for Jesus Christ by evangelizing the lost and discipline those who respond to the gospel through our classes.

 Power Hour is where the Bible is taught verse-by-verse and book-by-book.  This provides opportunity for growth in spirit, heart and knowledge.


The leadership role of the Deacon is servant leadership. A Deacons example of leadership is Jesus Christ. The Deacon is intended to serve as a model to the church through their involvement in the ministry “just as the son of man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many” St. Matthew 20:28

 Promoting unity within the church and facilitating the spread of the gospel. In addition, Deacons shall work together with the Pastoral Staff and church members in a spiritual manner in order to address church problems and concerns and overseeing any maintenance at the building and grounds.

The Hospitality Ministry                                               

 Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve other; faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms”. 1 Peter 4:9 

 Mission Statement: The purpose of our Hospitality Ministry is to help create an atmosphere where every person who enters our church will feel a part of the Tabernacle Of God Church Family. We strive to greet each person with a warm smile, friendly welcome, and the knowledgeable information about our church, and help for those who need it.

We are ambassadors of Christ and the church as a whole. “We should offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. The Hospitality Ministry is to serve with a humble heart.

Prayer Warriors                                                         

We cannot win battles or the war with our soldiers sleeping in the barracks

We cannot win battles or the war if we are always acting defensively

It’s time for the soldiers (warriors) to get into position and be strategically proactive against the enemy and his army

It’s time for boot camp to be able to recognize and understand what we are dealing with and plan accordingly

Reading, meditating on, speaking, and praying GOD’s Word has to become a lifestyle and not just a convenient hobby

T.O.G.O. Outreach                                                       

We believe in reaching our own orphans, widows, broken, poor, hurting, homeless, and needy every day right here in our own community.  It’s our heart to never turn away anyone in need.  Our hope one day is to provide a 24-hour outreach center in the heart of Fort Worth for people to come and receive free food, supplies, clothes, counseling, medical attention and care.  Whatever the need, we want to meet it.

A portion of your offering, goes to reaching people right here in our community through our T.O.G.O outreach projects.

Kingdom Keepers                                         

The up keeping of our kingdom inside & out