If you want to build a customized TTNews target to your own need, such as:

Put your own logo and distribute information you want to your customers/employees' desktop, then email me:

you have chance to get a free build of TTNews:)

//////////////////////Recommended configuration under Windows XP//////////////////////////

1.DownloadRoyale NoirXP Theme, unrar and put into resources under windows dir, double click to run luna.msstyles, choose Royale Noir as color method.

2.Download background picture ttnews_000 for TTNews

3.Run TTNews, choose the picture you just downloaded as the background for it, choose Opaque Background mode, background color set to black, text color set to 00dd99, link color set to ff0000, visited link color set to gray.

4.Adjust the width of TTNews and move TTNews to exactly cover the title bar of a maximized windows application (excludes minimize/maximize/close icons), you may need to show all icons to be able to move TTNews. After that,  choose Only Gmail Icon(if no Gmail account, then choose Hide All Icon).

4.Done, the interface would be fairly cool. Enjoys!






Read Gmail by click toogle mail icon


Use picture as background




Click Number of Gmail unread


Write Gmail--waiting


Write Gmail


Show All Icon


Hide All Icon