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1917-07-21 Letter to Followers

Algonquin Park, P.O. Mowat Lodge July 21, 1917

Dear Followers,

I have produced an ebook (PDF file) that is the diary of my last spring. If you have been mentioned, replied to, or re-tweeted you are part of my diary and part of the story. You can find yourself by searching for your twitter name. Please help yourself to this file. If you wish to view, click on the link on the bottom left of this page. If you wish to download, please click on the down arrow on the bottom right.

The book is over 250 pages long. To save trees, many of which I have yet to paint, I recommend that you read it on your e-reader. Due to copyright, images or linked content are not reproduced within the ebook, but the links are live. Should you wish to see the accompanying pictures or text you can simply click on the link.

This ebook is completely free and comes with no restriction (i.e. no 'copper-wire attached' ). This ebook is as much yours because you have been as much part of the story as me. As such, you are welcome to download and share as you see fit. 

Eventually, I may publish this as a real book, but this is a longer term project that would require a publisher, sponsor or benefactor. If you wish to contact me directly, please send me a letter at ttlastspring@gmail.com 

Yours truly, 


P.S. There are a couple of peculiarities with the ebook - the journal entries are off by one hour (one hour earlier) and are in today's year (2012 instead of 1917). If this gets published as a real book, these will get fixed up. I assure you.

epub format 
Tom Thomson,
Jul 21, 2012, 10:27 AM