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1917-07-07 Winnie Trainor

Mowat P.O. July 7, 1917

Dear Winnie,

I received your letter the other day. I've decided to leave Mowat Lodge and Canoe Lake. I am going to ask Shannon for the rest of the money and have it sent to you. I am hoping to get back almost $200 after Shannon takes his amount for my room and board at the Lodge. This should be good to fix things for now.

I won't be coming back to Huntsville. I am so sorry.  I am going to leave for good. First, I am going to the east end of the Park and after that, possibly out West. I know you will be angry but I don't see any other way. My painting has been good, I can earn a living wage, but I can't seem to do any more here. I plan to send what I've got left to Dr. MacCallum. They're at your cottage with some of my gear. I did see your father a while back. He was up for work. I stayed my distance and he didn't go out of his way to say anything to me. I figured he knew already. I regret to hear that your mother won't go back to church on my account for bringing shame on the family. It's too late for marriage to make it right. The mark is there already. I've cancelled the reservation at Billy Bear Lodge.

I'm sorry I can't show myself back in Huntsville because your father will put a poker through my skull to teach me a lesson. I know this is hard but my departure is best for both of us. So many people have lost their loved ones in the War. This can't be any worse. 

There's a gathering tonight at George Rowe's cabin. I plan to go to wrap up a few loose ends of business.  After that, it's best I leave soon and quietly. In the next days I will send my sketches to the Dr and ask him to send the money to you when he sells them.

With love,