Mowat P.O.  Algonquin Park            June 3, 1917

Dear Florence,


I'm hoping this letter gets to you before your exhibition. I want to wish you the best. Your calling card stays in my sketch box for my good luck.The weather here has been poor. I managed to put in the gardens for the Fraser's but the time for sketching is pretty much over. I'm still at the Lodge. I'm hoping for some guiding work but the black flies are keeping that business short.

Are you going to Ottawa later this summer? I may stop by there later this summer.I would like to visit the gallery but I hear that Parliament has taken over the building. Charlie Scrim plans to be back later and I thought it would be good of me to visit him and you too. I plan to be in the eastern part of the park in early August so mid-August might be the date. If you are there, I would like to stay for a few days because this might be my last stopping point in Ontario before I go west. I could stop in Toronto, but I don't think I will.

With all that's going on and the black flies, I haven't had a mind for sketching. I have some guiding work, but it will be scarce this summer. The summer tourists don't seem to be coming. With the war, I can see that.

I'm glad we learned something more than what Cruikshank taught. Van Gogh seems to be the better to follow along with the other French schools.  We seem to be doing the same thing here

All the best,

Tom Thomson