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1917-06-10 Letter to Winnie

Mowat P.O. Algonquin Park

June 10, 1917

Dear Winnie,

I am doing lots of paddling and fishing. I've made several new lures and gotten some guide work to try them out. I've had two fellows down from Buffalo. Good gentlemen but weak in the arms. I earned my keep on the portages. I hope to get more guiding work but Shannon says the guests aren't coming like they used to. There's odd jobs and Taylor Statten needs some help on his cottage. He seems to have big plans for that place. He's invited a bunch of boys from the YMCA and needs to get the place in shape. "Paradise of virgin wilderness" he calls it.

I'll be staying at Mowat Lodge for the next while. I still have my gear at your cottage. I'll try to get my sketches out to the Ranger Cabin, but Mark Robinson is afraid something will happen to them.  I saw your father. He was up for work I think. Talking to Blecher. He wasn't being the friendly sort so I kept my talk brief. Does he know anything? Annie Fraser has a habit of going through my things so I wouldn't write too much. It's already June and I am not sure when you'll be here next but we should talk. I wrote Mrs. Brooks, the date must still be okay. I haven't heard anything back. 


As for painting I've done nothing for over two weeks. I'm not sure I'll do anything until late July or early August. Only when the colours come back. I was thinking of going to Owen Sound to visit my parents perhaps in August to let them know. News is best delivered in person.


Your garden is good. No sun has made things slow in starting. I'll keep an eye on it.


Yours Truly,