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1917-05-31 John McRuer


Mowat P.O.  Algonquin Park            May 31, 1917

Dear John,

How is Denver? I am sure the air is much better than Huntsville, especially with the dampness and cold we have here. The weather is miserable and it never seems to want to warm up. I spend a lot of time reading,  doing odd jobs and fishing.

I sent you a sketch a few days ago. It's from my sketches this spring, one that didn't end up in Potter Creek.  I hope it cheers you up and reminds you of our trip on the Mississagi. If I took pictures I would have lost the rolls by now. 

I am considering going to the Rockies this summer. I may go further North, but as you are sick I may make it down to Denver to visit you. Here in Ontario conscription talk is getting louder.  I thought I might make myself scarce later this summer as the bill might pass in July. No thoughts of going back to Seattle but I may need to go out of country, Denver could be a good choice.

I've gotten along well with Winnie this Spring. She is fine and we have a good time together. She wants to marry. I'm not sure because it would change everything for me. With the war going on Jim MacDonald has trouble supporting his family. Jim told me he has to pick up any work to pay for the bills. Painting department store displays. Same for Lismer.  I can't bear going back to the City to work, esp. providing for a family. Dr.  might offer me another year at the Shack, but I'm afraid that things will catch up to me in the City - either conscription or marriage, or both.

  I am planning first to go to the eastern part of the Park late July/ early Aug. Possibly to Ottawa for a few days. I should go to Owen Sound because I didn't  visit my father this spring. They would be especially pleased to see me and  I could help out my brother-in-law Tom for a few days in Annan.The colours of the bay are nice there in the late summer. Worth a visit by itself.

That's it for now.  If you wish to mail me, send to P.O. Mowat Lodge. Don't write too much. Annie likes to read my letters. I'll be here mostly, until late July. Camping away maybe one or two nights away but nothing longer. I hope you are feeling better. Please give my regards to the Mrs.


Yours Truly,


Tom Thomson.