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Post Malone you are a sunflower shirt

Enjoy every moment with them. I’ve seen this before with Post Malone you are a sunflower shirt. You come to love not by finding the perfect person in life, but simply by seeing an imperfect person perfectly… You never seize to amaze me Jollibee and team of writers. This drove home in every man’s heart whose been the clown to make someone happy. Keep it coming and I love you Ximi Eris. You love me like I’m the best. That is why, true love is when they let you love yourself and will never make you question your worth. It isn’t really blind but, will always choose to see beyond imperfections. It’s about seeing the best in everything in your “The One”. And, God will always lead you to your Perfect Match as long as, you let go of the past that hurts you.

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