Taylor Tai Lap's Life in a Nutshell

I think this picture has floated around for quite a while; might as well keep the tradition alive and chuck it here!

This picture was taken on a Saturday night before Halloween 2002.  My friend and i were working on our Advanced Stress Analysis Lab writeup and were just getting burned-out around 3am.  So we took some pictures and posted them on those rating websites. 

Here's my sexy Miata.  She's a 1997 Montego Blue with lots of goodies, but subtleties to make it sleep.  Clocked at around 2300lbs and 133hp with 114lbft, I enjoy every second of it.  There's a link for it HERE.

Check out some HONG KONG pics, HERE

After that, check out some Germany pics, HERE!!!

When you're ready, let's take a look at minivans....  HERE!!!