Stacey Berry from South Shields said:

"I have been into healthy eating and fitness for 8 years now, I have tried many forms of exercise including gyms and running, but quickly got bored.

I joined bootcamp 4 years ago and it has changed my life. Mark is a fantastic trainer with a wide knowledge of exercise and nutrition. Each day is different and I find training an enjoyable part of my life, it is no longer a chore. If I fall off the wagon Mark is sharp on my case and gives me the support I need to get back on track. Not only have I found a fantastic trainer but also a fantastic and valued friend?. Stacey Berry.

Paul Haynes from South Shields Says:

"I have been involved in many forms of exercise over the years before I started training with Mark. Well what a Change!!

Mark is completely different, fresh, funny, friendly and extremely effective at what he does.

Instead of going through the motions, I was participating in exhilarating workouts that were so much fun the time flew by, leaving me buzzing and energised.

I have achieved weight loss and toned up. My fitness level has hit new heights and I train with a great group of motivated people.

Wish I had done it years ago"!! Paul Haynes. Athlete!

Joanna 27, achieved a visible flat stomach with us, something that had eluded her.

Gary Duffy 31, after years of exercising and working out striggled to shift the stubborn fat from his stomach, after only 19days with us achieved the above result, Gary has gone on to drop more body fat achieve greater results.

Sue 40's, lost over 2stone and 2 dress sizes with us in less than 8months