Faster Fat Loss

Faster Fat Loss programme
The DH Fitness group programme can help you if you’re fed up of:

-          never being able to fit into your jeans

-          feeling tired, stressed, demotivated and uninspired

-          wasting your money on costly and ineffective gym memberships and fad diets

-          living with a body you really don’t want.

The 4 Step Faster Fat Loss Programme

We use a 4 step revolutionary programme to ensure you get the results you want.

Step 1 – Exercise

We use only the most effective fat melting and toning exercising to support our clients to shed their unwanted lbs but also increase their all over muscle tone.

Step 2 – Nutrition

We don’t ‘do’ diets.  Why?  Because when you’re on a diet you just feel awful!   They are not the best way to achieve fat loss AND optimal health.

We use a simple and natural nutrition plan put together to support clients to drop excess body fat and feel like a different person.  Our clients sleep better, feel fresh on the inside, have endless energy and above all achieve a greater level of health with less stress and less illness.

Step 3 – Supplements

Vitamin and mineral deficiency can play havoc, putting stress on your body and causing fatigue, illness, cold and flu.

We help you to identify any vitamin or mineral deficiencies.  We’ll then recommend supplements that will have a positive effect on your health, and only where you genuinely need them.

Step 4 – Motivation

Your results are as important to us as they are to you.  We know motivation is key and that’s why we have various tools we use to ensure you achieve your goals and desires. 

We have a ‘Keep in Touch’ meeting every month. These are 15 minutes one to one meetings with your trainer every month, where your specific needs and progress are discussed.  We also have our very popular ‘Power of 5’ meetings where we get 5 members to group together for an hour with their trainer.  These 2 activities really improve results for members.

You also get phenomenal support and motivation at the sessions from both your trainer and the other members.  There is a great sense of camaraderie and this spurs everyone onto greater results.

Still not sure?  See video below


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