Frequently asked questions

What if everyone is fitter than me?

We only do time based exercises so you only do as much as YOU can in the time given.  You will work to your own levels of physical capability.  We use the ‘no-one gets left behind’ rule.  We are a group and so workout as a group. 

Will I have to do running?

We don’t do any long distance running as it has no effect on fat loss.  The only running we do is short, sharp and fast sprints.  Again you will only be expected to go at the pace you can manage.  Trust us everyone else is so focused on trying to do it themselves that they won’t notice how fast or slow you are sprinting!

I have a few issues with my back.  Will I have to do sit-ups and crunches?

We don’t do sit-ups and crunches.  We do core work instead.  Sit-ups and crunches have no bearing at all on fat loss.  We work on getting your core strong and on exercises that work most of your body all at once!

Will it all be men/women?

yes we run mixed programmes, however if you opt for the VIP program then you can ask to workout with only females or only males.

I want to drop a clothes size for a special occasion next month.   Will this happen?

We guarantee you will drop that clothes size in the month so if you are committed then absolutely!  But remember the longer you stay on the programme the better and more long lasting the results.  
Do I have to follow the nutrtion plan?

We highly recommend that you follow the nutrition plan to the letter if you want to achieve the greatest results. If you feel you would struggle with this we can tailor make a nutrition plan that suits you and can put a strategies together that can implement stages of the nutrition programme stage by stage you don't feel over whelmed. If you want to do the plan 100% from the start then do so.

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