Recent weather activity has caused a lightning strike to take The Stuff we Build offline.

Please wait while new hardware is installed!

Earliest ETA: Tuesday, September 1

In the meantime, you can visit my YouTube channel by clicking HERE. Or my Thiniverse designs HERE.

You can also direct questions or concerns to thestuffwebuild[at]gmailDOTcom

Thank you for your patience.

For your convenience, here is a list of PDF snapshots from some of the most frequently visited pages:
DIY ebike how to
DIY ebike story
Tricopter Rev III

You maybe also be able to view up-to-date cached copies through Google like this:

The server was repaired successfully! Now it needs to be shipped back to its primary location and installed. Earliest ETA is still on track (after 9pm).

The damage:
After a confirmed lightning strike, the only damaged parts were the Raspberry Pi computer itself and its boot SD card.
NO DATA WAS LOST! The entire OS and web server data are kept intact on an internal HDD.

Several components on the Pi motherboard failed their basic tests. Among them was a 0ohm resistor which had visible burn damage.
The SD card also had a miniscule burn hole in it which may have developed while it was being tested.

The repair:
To fix all this, a spare identical Raspberry Pi was installed (not pictured) along with a newly prepared SD card.
Minor system configuration tweaks are also in order and will be done upon final installation. (namely RAM and SWAP configs)

The upgrades:
A new fan was installed for more efficient active cooling.
An external storage medium was also added for redundant local backups.


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August 27, 12:42pm EST
August 28, 9:41pm EST