poli = many + tic = bloodsucking parasite.   nuff said. 

The power and the will of the people is possibly the most impressive and yet under utilized force in the world. We are billions and this is our world, damn it, but everything (water, air, food, oil, sex, medicine, politics - name it!) is being controlled, exploited, and destroyed by multinational corporations with no concern for anything but their profit margin. Corporations now have more rights than human beings. We are their puppets, but why? Because we let them. Don't we?

It is time to wake up, to start paying attention. In this country we have the luxury of speaking out, of complaining, of boycotts, and we can vote with our consciences and pocket books - for now. We are fortunate in that we do not yet have to resort to bloody revolt, unlike the untold numbers of people in other countries being killed and repressed by American companies RIGHT NOW, people who are merely fighting for their basic rights to live unmolested as human beings with dignity and freedom without corporate or government interference.

In school, they taught us about Imperialism, Colonialism, and Slavery. What they don't teach is that these systems continue on today, in the form of modern Capitalism and the World Banking and Trade organizations, as they enslave peoples and nations across the globe in sweatshop factories and crippling national debts - all in the name of profit for a select few.

Please, think before you shop. Spend your money to support people, not corporate profits and feudal economies. 
Censorship and the 2008 election
 or, how MySpace censored my ass!

According to online polls, Dr. Ron Paul was the unconditional winner of the Republican Debate but was intentionally excluded from the published poll results at all major media outlets. The standard excuse given for ignoring his commanding win and dismissing this earnest candidate as a serious contender was his third party status...



Mommy, am I a bigot?

How does every ethnic joke begin? With a look over your shoulder. After all, telling off color jokes is okay if no party resembling the joke is present, right? To this day, I occasionally make these kinds of jokes myself in the presence of some of my less politically correct friends. Rarely will I stop the activity, even i...

Is it better to trust or be skeptical of the government?

Not only is it better to be skeptical of the government and constantly question its actions, it is our duty and responsibility as citizens. To blindly trust our elected officials to act in our best interests is foolish and dangerous. Much like leaving children unattended, government left to its own devices will push and test...

Poetry:  Republocrats or Demolicans?

Republicans or Democrats
does it even matter anymore?
It's just a matter of
which monopoly is gonna
screw you more today
the oil cartel or
the entertainment industry
and whether they do it with the lights on or off
but they sure as hell aren't using protection


What are the United States Bill of Rights?

The Bill of Rights refers to the first ten amendments of the United States constitution and guarantee certain basic freedoms to all its citizens under that constitution. As such citizens, we should all become aware of what this marvelous document does for us:

The first amendment protects freedom of religion, speech, press...

Poetry: Glimmers of hope 

I'm not apathetic
I just don't care any more

avoiding the center
with its shiny
and slick
perfectly composed
corporate candidates
pay no attention
to the man
behind the curtain

I'm far right
and far left...

Inventing Personal Meaning through Online Surveys

For ages I've been wanting to write an article about online surveys. I signed up for tons of these things years ago, back in the days when I was still shopping like capitalism was going out of style. I guess it was - for me, anyway. I signed up for all the companies, gave ...


Finding Common Ground

It never ceases to amaze me what disparate groups are finding a common enemy to fight the New World Order, and for what a wide variety of reasons. I pride myself on being open minded and now I have to prove it. The wide variety of opinions I am being exposed to via online social networks like MySpac...


Should we  judge America by its advertising media?
America can not be judged by its advertising media but rather can be understood through its resistance to or encouragement of it.

Advertising media shows us the things we think of as "The American Dream". They sponsor public service announcements as if they had our very best interests in mind. To hear them tell it, eve...

  Virginia Tech school shooting reaction

Well, today I got to hear those magic words again: "biggest school shooting in history", only this time it is Virginia Tech. I'd already been thinking about Columbine because the anniversary is coming up on April 20. Columbine was a really big deal for me. I was working near Littleton at the time and the entire state of Co...

Places where gay marriage is legal

Nations where gay marriage is legal are Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, South Africa, and Spain. In the United States, only one state, Massachusetts, has legalized gay marriage outright. There is a deep division within the United States on this issue. Until 1996, the federal government had left it up to the individual st...

America, the land of the free: Are we really free?

If we are not free, then who or what enslaves us? Just who is our master? The government? The government may be many things to many people but it is not our master. Corporations? Almost every part of our daily life is advertised and owned by a ruthless, unethical, irresponsible, and unaccountable corporation but c...



A look at postwar Germany

My family doesn't talk much about themselves. I don't have anecdotes of family legends or history. I remember asking what I was once when I was a kid and my Dad told me I was mostly English and Irish, with some Scottish and Welsh thrown in. There was something else too but I couldn't remember what. Years later, I found ou...