When the sale goes active, I will post an email address here for you to send your order to. Please do NOT send them to any of my tsunrisebey email addresses or your order will not be processed.

Send order to:  







Please copy and paste this order form to your email. Orders will be processed in the order they are received, so when the geocoins have sold out no more orders will be filled. I will respond to all emails letting you know if your order was filled or not. Please keep in mind this will take me some time to email everyone back, so you may not hear from me right away.

Please make sure you ask questions prior to the sale if you do not understand how this is going to work.  You can find a link to my email address at www.tsunrisebey.com . I will also have all the information posted on my blog. Please see the blog for shipping rates and explantions.



Order Form:

* Geocaching Name:_______________

*Real Name and mailing address:_________________

*Paypal email address:___________________

*US customers (you can pay by money order), please put money order in the paypal section. You will have 7 days to send payment or your order will be cancelled.


* Neptunes Compass Arctic/ Satin Silverplating -dark blue (limit 3 per order):_______


* Neptunes Compass Caribbean Edition / Antique Nickel plating (limit 2 per order): _______





Link to Neptunes Compass geocoin information and pictures: