Tsunrisebey Geotag Geocoin




The Tsunrisebey Geotag Geocoin: This coin was done as a dedication to my Arabian horse T Sunrise Bey (yup, that's where my name comes from). He is no longer with me but his memory lives on in my heart. It is also represents a large part of who I am and my belief system.

So why is this coin special? Well, I guess you should know the meaning behind the design and colors. The red (maroon), blue, white and black are all colors on most Native American medicine wheels (sacred hoop).

*The red color is sacred to most tribes and was used in many sacred ceremonies to include burial rites. Red is also used on the Medicine Wheel, it is referred to as the, red road, the path or road we travel on in this life before we cross over to the blue spirit road.

*White is often associated with the Sacred White Buffalo, a legend that has been passed down from the Lakota (Sioux) and is about 2,000 years old, it was a call for peace, harmony and balance. The feather are done in white with black tips (see black color) to represent the Bald Eagle. The feathers of an eagle are considered very sacred and powerful medicine. The tail feathers are often used in healing ceremonies by shamans.

*Blue is often associated with the blue spirit road on the Medicine Wheel, it runs south to north. This is the path one travels when they have passed into the spirit world. The hand print was done in blue as a sign of those memories to those who now travel the blue spirit road.

*Black represents the unknown, the void, the great mystery, that which envelopes or surrounds everything we physically "see" in this life, that is why it outlines the white horse.

*The horse, while a dedication to my mine, it is also a symbol of power. Power that is both physical and unearthly. Horses were introduced to Native Americans and drastically changed their livestyles. They do not have a word for horse, so they were called "Big Dog." To steal a horse was to steal one's power. The white horse is the message carrier for all other horses and represents wisdom in power.

So while some of you thought you just got a small piece of metal with a horse on it, you have been given a coin that means so much more than you might have imagined.  There were 100 nickel and 25 brass made. 






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