Tatanka Pejula Geocoin

'Buffalo Medicine' 


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This coin is nontrackable and I have asked that it not be sold on ebay. If you have one and would like to exchange it for something you can sell, please contact me so we can work something out.

Tatanka Pejula means; Buffalo Medicine in Lakota (Sioux). The Buffalo is a sacred animal to most American Indian tribes, the White Buffalo being the most sacred. The back of the geocoin says; le mita cola which means; My Friend in Lakota (Sioux).

This geocoin is special for a number of reasons. The colors and Buffalo all have significant or sacred meaning.

So, keeping the above in mind, here is what this geocoin is about. I wanted to make a geocoin that meant something on a number of levels. I think many of us in the geocaching community and in our everyday lives have made some good friends in our lifetimes. Friends can be family members, spouses, people we've only known via internet forums, the list is endless. Our friends are always there for us through good times and bad, they are sounding boards, a shoulder to lean on, a friendly smile, or a needed hug or handshake. Our friends are sacred because most of us meet many people on our journey through life, people come and go but our friends are always there for us when it matters most. Too often in life we never really tell our friends and family how we feel, we just assume they know. Not everyone is good with words or expressing themselves. Life is too short not to let people know you truly care and love them.

This geocoin can be given to your geocaching community members, non-caching friends or used for other caring opportunities you see fit. This coin is very simple in its design but very powerful in its meaning. It's non-trackable because I feel that part is unecessary. I've tried to make this very affordable, I do ask that you not buy these and then turn around and sell them on ebay, it completely defeats the purpose and intention of this coin and I consider it a respect issue.

If you receive one of these coin, you know you are special to someone!

1.5" x 3mm

25 Black Nickel w/ Red translucent (sold out)

75 Gold w/ purple translucent (sold out)

125 A.copper w/ turqoise translcuent (sold out)

Mintage: Open but retiring this year!


Easter Edition: White and 'peach' 110 (10 special)


*** Susan G. Komen Charity Edition: White and Pink 110 (10 special)

(Susan G. Komen edition-reserved/sold out)


'Soldier Tatanka'

Red (glitter), white and blue (glitter) on front.

Silver and blue glitters on back.

Gift given to those who gave to help the troops.