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Sale Date Information

 * Sale Date: May 9th, 2009 (Saturday)


* Sale Time: 8:00 am Mountain Standard Time (Montana, USA)

Date/Time of Sale conversion:
Montana: May 9th 8:00 am MST Saturday
Brussels: May 9thth 4:00 pm Saturday
Frankfurt, Germany: May 9th 4:00 pm Saturday
Lisbon, Portugal: May 9th 3:00 pm Saturday
Amsterdam, Netherlands: May 9th 4:00 pm Saturday
Glasgow, Scotland: May 9th 3:00 pm Saturday
Perth, Australia: May 9th 10:00 pm Saturday
Japan: May 9th 11:00 pm Saturday


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* Price: $10.00 per coin


* Coin Stats: 1.75" x 3.5mm, 3D recessed Neptune under translucents.


* Versions available for sale:

Arctic Ocean Edition ( Satin Silver metal with dark blue translucent)

200 minted (limit 3 per order)

Caribbean Edition (Antique Nickel with turquoise translucent)

150 minted (limit 2 per order)


(This design will be reminted but the Arctic and the Caribbean editions will not be reminted)












Designed and minted by tsunrisebey

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