Mermaid Swag Geocoin

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(tsun version 40 made)






Price: $8.95

Sale Date set for: March 7th, 2008

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Mermaid Swag Geocoins

* 200 Gold w/ translucents

* 200 Brushed Copper w/ translucents

~The seahorses are underneath the translucents on the gold and copper coins. On the glitter coin, they are above the glitter.



A little bit about the coin:

Believe it or not, this coin is round. Yes, I actually designed a round coin. I had to in order for the whole design to work. There will be plenty of nice shiny colors! The coin was done as a fun design with a geocaching/geocoin flavor. I've had one side done for a couple of months but couldn't think of anything for the other for quite some time, then I came up with an idea for the back but in order for it to work, I needed to make the coin round.

I'm not sure why I decided to do a mermaid type design. I have always thought the idea of mermaids was kind of neat and mystical. I think it was a combination of my love for using lots of colors and imagining those beautiful mermaid tails in something other than one color.  


Due to limited time these days I asked The Caching Place to mint and sell the coin for me so I can concentrate on other projects I have going on.




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