Created as a commemoration to my Belize Study Abroad Trip, 2007

(This coin is not meant to represent Belize but my experience at Blue Creek Village in the remote jungle of southern Belize. I was privileged to watch a pair of Keel-Billed Toucans build their nest and feed their young high up in a tree above the Blue Creek River. While I watched them busy themselves with their lives, I couldn't help but smile and think of Fruit Loops).

(This is the Keel-Billed Toucan at the Belize Zoo)





*** 1.75 inches ***

** 3 mm thick **

*** Trackable w/ unique icon ***

*** Black Nickel ***

*** 250 total minted ***

*** Coins $7.75 each ***

***75 LE Translucent Toucans***

***175 RE Imitation Hard Enamel Toucans***



(Click on Pictures for larger view)

Left: LE Toucan with translucents

Right: RE Toucan with imitatiion hard enamel


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