Tsung-Hsien Lee
Visiting Professor, National Tsing Hua University

+1 (909) 584-5335 (Google Voice number - rings all my numbers simultaneously. Mnemonic: (909) 5THLEE5), +1 (512) 971-2836 (mobile)
Email: tsung.hsien.lee@gmail.com
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AdnanAmit, and I have completed our book "Elements of Programming Interviews(EPI)! It is available for purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Nobleand CreateSpace.


11/26/2014: I will be a Visiting Professor at Department of Computer Science at National Tsing Hua University, and will offer a short course Art of Programming Interviews, which aims to help students learn about how to interview software engineer intern positions at top technology companies, this December!

11/10/2014: It has been a little more than two years since we publish Elements of Programming Interviews, and it is truly amazing to witness this book becomes the #1 Best Seller in Data Structure and Algorithms on Amazon.  Moreover, Elements of Programming Interviews is now on a par with Introduction to Algorithms on Amazon, the best selling book in Computer Science!

10/30/2013: Elements of Programming Interviews finally cracked into Top 1000 books on Amazon!

05/06/2013: Elements of Programming Interviews reached #1 among books in Data Structures#2 among books in Interviewing, and #3 among books in Software Development! Besides, we are approaching Top 1000 books on Amazon. Thanks for all your support!

02/18/2013: Elements of Programming Interviews is available at India right now. You can buy at Pothi and Flipkart.

02/14/2013: Elements of Programming Interviews reached #1 among books in Data Structures#3 among books in Interviewing, and #3 among books in Software Development

02/06/2013: Elements of Programming Interviews reached #1 among books in Data Structures#3 among books in Interviewing, and #4 among books in Software Development

About Me

I am a Software Engineer at Google. Before that, I was a two-time Software Engineer Intern at Facebook and a graduate research assistant at Department of Computer ScienceThe University of Texas Austin. My research interests include design and analysis of applied algorithms, parallel and distributed computing, natural language processing, and CAD for VLSI synthesis.


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  • Code Jam Program CommitteeGoogle (Aug. 2013 ~ now)
    • Designed and analyzed problems for Google Code Jam, one of the largest international programming competitions.
    • Led and coordinated engineers for contest analysis.
    • Hosted 2014 World Final at Los Angeles.
  • Software Engineer, Google (Oct. 2012 ~ now)
    • Worked at Mobile Search Ads quality team where I improved the landing page quality for mobile platforms.
    • Worked at Ads Infrastructure team which built the pipeline of feeding logs to world's largest distributed machine learning system.
  • Software Engineer Intern, Facebook (Sep. 2011 ~ Dec. 2011)
    • Member of Facebook Messenger team.
    • Improved the Facebook Video Calling download instructions to increase engagement rate; the result eventually is adopted for the download instructions of all Facebook user-facing products.
    • Built Facebook Messenger to provide seamlessly Facebook experience to every user on mobile and desktop.
  • Software Engineer Intern, Facebook (May 2011 ~ Aug. 2011)
    • Member of Facebook Search team.
    • Reduced the response time and improve the user experience when users using Facebook Search.
    • Built Facebook Graph Search, the next generation of Facebook Search. An intuitive and convenient way of search information on Facebook.
  • CoachThe University of Texas at Austin (Sep. 2010 ~ Feb. 2011)
    • Designed training materials and organized practice contests for UT-Austin's representatives of ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC).
    • Chief Judge & Problem Setter of 2007 National Tsing Hua University Programming Contest (Apr. 2007 ~ Jun. 2007)
      • Designed problems and test data before the contest.
      • Answered questions and coordinated with other judges during the contest.
      • Announced contest results and explained correct answers after the contest.

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