Rick Sanger

Rick has surf music in his DNA. After all, he claims he's drummed Wipe Out over 3000
times with various bands through the years. At least it seems that way! It's evident
playing drums with Tsunami of Sound was his calling. As a founding member along with
David and Jamie playing to appreciative audiences has been a dream. Now with the
newest squid Bob Damiano in TOS the music has reached new heights.There's no
stopping these squids!!
Rick's been playing drums since a teen, inspired by Ringo,Keith Moon and Buddy
Rich. His animated and sometimes dramatic style is attributed by the music he's
drumming behind. Rick is having an out of body (or is it auto body) experience
playing the wild surf beats of Tsunami of Sound. He's levitating!!
Since the inception of TOS in 2008 Rick enjoys the comraderie of fellow surf
bands, surf fans and everyone who digs what Tsunami of Sound is doing.