Summer 2008 Pictures

A photo album of our transcontinental journey. 


 Leaving Kirksville for New Mexico...which way?


Made it to Jornada Experimental Range near Las Cruces, NM 


Having fun collecting in Ojuelos, Mexicohome of the giant Bouteloua.

   Hanging out and sterilizing roots in the field station in Ojuelos.



Spending time at the field station in Janos, Mexico.

                                                          The group in Mapimi, Mexico at an abandoned mining town.                                                                We took a tour of the old mine and came back across the gorge on a zip line.



                                                     Out and about at Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge in Socorro, NM.                                                  We spent some time rock climbing in a small canyon



                                                             The group in Wind Cave National Park in Hot Springs, SD.                                                                      We spent some time camping and hiking to the top of Little Devils Tower in South Dakota.