Q & A

Q: There are no cameras for my city. Why?
A: All the camera links are provided as a free service by the New York State Department of Transportation, and their affiliated web site 511NY. They are used to monitor traffic on major roads. Cameras are being added or removed as needed. We try to keep our application updated, so check back soon.

Q: Why am I getting a message like this: "This image is temporarily unavailable".
A: The New York State Department of Transportation will regularly schedule cameras for maintenance, at which time they will become unavailable. They will usually come back online after being serviced.

Q: Why is my image not being updated?
A: There are several reasons an image will not update. The most common is that you are not connected to the internet. Check that you have internet access, either via 3G/4G or Wi-Fi. There is also the possibility that the web site that hosts the image server has become unavailable, or the link has changed. If you think that is the case, please let us know, so we can update our database. Just click Contact Us, and make sure you include camera's details. Alternatively, from inside the application, long-click the camera image, and select Email a Snapshot, and send us email at babaosoftware@gmail.com Be aware that some cameras will only provide updated images once or twice a minute, while others will update as fast as once a second.

Q: What is the difference between the free and the full version.
A: The free application offers the same functionality as the full version, including live camera images and user-created groups, but it will not show traffic events.

Q: I am now using the free version. How do I get the full version?
A: In application - navigate to the map view and click on one of the traffic events buttons at the bottom of the view. A buy dialog will appear. You can also visit the Google Play Store. directly, and search for Tri-State Traffic Cameras, or press the Google Play button at the bottom of this page.

Q: I am now using the free version. If I upgrade to the full version will I lose the groups I created?
A: No, your groups, as well as other settings you might have changed, will be imported when you install the full version.