Group View

The group view shows either generic camera groups (by zip code, city, county, or state), or user-defined camera groups, in a list format.
You navigate to this view from the Home view, by selecting "My Groups", or one the other four generic groups.
  • Click anywhere in a row to select the group in that row, and show it the image grid view.
  • Click on a column header to sort ascending or descending based on the information in that column.
  • Click the filter icon in the top navigation bar to filter the groups in the list. See Filter Camera List.
  • The last column always shows the number of cameras in the group.
  • The columns in the list may change when switching between portrait and landscape orientation of your phone.
To toggle the top navigation bar for this view, press your phone's menu button, select Settings, and look for the section called "Group View Settings".