Details View

This view shows the details of a single camera image.
  • Zoom the image using two fingers pinch or the zoom control that appears when you tap the image.
  • Tap the image to show it in the map.
  • Double tap the image to force a refresh.
  • At the bottom of the image you can see the last time this image was updated.
Long-click (tap and hold) an image to bring up the context menu. The available commands are:
  • Add/Remove from group - see ,to see how to add/remove a single camera from an existing group.
  • Show on Map - brings the map view (same as single tap).
  • Refresh Image - forces a refresh (same as double tap).
  • Email a Snapshot - send a snapshot of the current camera image by email.
To change the settings for this view, press your phone's menu button, select Settings and look for the Details View Settings section:

  • Show Top Navigation Bar - toggle the top navigation bar on and off, to save space.
  • Show Camera Description - turn camera's name on or off, to save space.
  • Auto Refresh - sets the automatic refresh for the cameras in the grid. It can be set from a low of 10 seconds to a high of 10 minutes. To disable it, select Double-click.
Warning: The shorter the Auto Refresh time, the slower the application's responsiveness will be. Also, you might want to keep the refresh to a minimum if you are not on an unlimited data plan, to avoid going over your monthly data allowance. Even though camera images are not large (50KB on average), it can all add up. If you are not certain, set "Auto Refresh" to Double-click.