Model Schools

What is Model Schools? 

Through coordination by the Northeast Regional
Information Center (NERIC) staff, districts participate in shared instructional technology integration workshops designed specifically for educators. Teachers from a variety of schools and NERIC develop cooperative workshops for teachers, administrators and support staff. Sessions focus on educators building and sharing their knowledge in technology and curriculum integration.
These courses are offered during the fall, spring and summer and are open to all staff members that work for the Schenectady City School District.  We are a Model Schools Member and these courses are at no cost to you.  They are available for PD hours only.  Once you have completed the course you simply print out the certificate and submit it to the district PD office.
Once workshops are announced I will send a district wide email. At that time you can  view the course list and  registerfor a course,  at  If you want to see a listing of just Model Schools workshops be sure to select and highlight Model Schools.

Are you interested in teaching a Model Schools workshop?

MS workshops are offered 3 times a year: Fall, Winter/Spring and Summer. An email will be sent district wide when the call for proposals opens. 

Review the Checklist for SCS Instructors below. If you have further questions, feel free to contact me.


How to Register for Model Schools Courses 

1.    To browse the catalog and/or register for classes, go to


2.    You can choose workshops that have "NERIC: Model Schools or NERIC:Blackboard" listed after the course title. These are the courses that are accepted for district professional development and are free of charge.  


3.  When you find a course you want to attend, click on the name of the course.


4.    The first time you register for anything, choose Click to Enroll and I’m a New User.  Enter the information requested to create your account.  Make sure that you identify your district as Schenectady.   Remember your login information so that you can use it next time.  Your username will be set as your full email address unless you change it.  


5.  The next time you register, you will already have an account.  This time choose Click to Enroll and I’m a Registered User.  You will then log in with the account information you already have established and register from there.
* Remember to write down your username and password (log in information) and save it to a place you can access it again.

To Withdraw From or Drop a Course - log into your  My Learning Plan account and select the workshop you registered for. Select the link to withdraw from the workshop. 

If you forget your username,  go to and select the Forgot Your Password link.



If you still are having difficulty accessing your account, registering for course, or with other technical difficulties on the MyLearningPlan page, contact Hilary Dee at 

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For Instructors Only - Use this form as a checklist to be sure you have completed the necessary requirements.   51k v. 2 Feb 7, 2011, 11:42 AM Tracy Standhart
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For Instructors Only - Include this form to request a certificate of Instruction in order to acquire PD credit.   23k v. 2 Feb 7, 2011, 11:42 AM Tracy Standhart
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